ZLINE vs. Viking. Which range is better? Here's everything you need to know.

by Pete Lader September 12, 2021

One of our best selling brands, ZLINE Kitchen, gets compared ALOT to the reputable Viking brand. Let’s break down the similarities and differences between ZLINE Kitchen and Viking freestanding ranges......

ZLINE 48 Inch Range with Blue cabinets

How do you know when the ZLINE oven is preheated?

by Pete Lader December 07, 2022

How do you know when the ZLINE oven is preheated? On all ZLINE Ranges, there is a light indicator on the front panel of the range. If you are using a 24",...

pots and pans

7 Best Kitchen Gifts: A Holiday Shopper’s Guide

by Pete Lader December 05, 2022

Home cooks, amateur kitchen enthusiasts and professional chefs all share an appreciation for the importance of tasty, homemade food. However, they also understand that having access to high-quality, functional kitchen...

MRCOOL DIY Ceiling Cassettes Mini Splits

Does MRCOOL make ceiling cassette mini splits?

by Pete Lader November 23, 2022

Does MRCOOL make ceiling cassette mini splits? Yes! As of late 2022, MRCOOL has released their brand new DIY Ceiling Cassette Air Handler/Indoor Unit that is compatible with the ever-so-popular DIY Condensers. The current...

closeup air conditioning unit

MRCOOL vs. Mitsubishi Mini Split

by Pete Lader November 01, 2022

Source: Nawin Kitpipatphinyo / Shutterstock.com Ductless mini split air conditioners are the most convenient and cost-effective way to control your home’s interior climate. Two industry-leading mini split manufacturers are MRCOOL...

mini split blowing cold air

DuctlessAire vs. MRCOOL

by Pete Lader October 25, 2022

Source: DifferR / Shutterstock.com Mini split ductless air conditioners are among the most popular solutions for homeowners looking to install or upgrade their home’s climate control system. If you are...

pots and pans drying rack

Tips on How to Clean Caraway Pans

by Pete Lader October 03, 2022

Purchasing high-quality Caraway cookware allows you to create delicious meals at home for your friends and family. However, you must take proper care of your brand-name pots, pans and bakeware...