Loloi x Chris Loves Julia Rugs

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Loloi x Chris Loves Julia Rugs

Exclusive Collection between Loloi Rugs and Chris Loves Julia. The ever popular Chris Loves Julia teams up with a rug juggernaut! Shop these soft, durable and conversation-starting rugs for your room!

How to choose your Loloi x Chris Loves Julia Rug?

Choose Your Rug Size: These Chris Loves Julia Rugs come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any space! Choose from widths between 2 to 12 feet and lengths between 6 to 16 feet. 

Choose your Rug Color: From black to blue to orange, there is a color for every room in your home! 

Choose your Rug Pattern: These CLJ rugs range from traditional to modern. Looking for a multi-colored washed out rug? Check. Cream and Charcoal pattern? Check. 

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