Central Air Conditioner & Gas Furnace Split Systems

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Combine the efficiency of an Air Conditioner Condenser with a Gas Furnace for year-round cooling with these Central Split Systems.

Searching for an energy efficient and affordable way to heat AND cool your entire home? Look no further than these combinations of Gas Furnaces, Air Conditioner Condenser and Evaporate Coils. 

For the gas furnace, you can choose from either 80% of 95% AFUE (we highly recommend 95% AFUE for maximum efficiency), total BTU power (45,000 or 70,000) and installation type (downflow, upflow or horizontal). 

For the Air Conditioner Condenser, choose from the 2-3 Ton or 4-5 Ton system. Do you need to cool a larger area? We recommend the 4-5 Ton condensers! Pair this with the MRCOOL Evaporator Coil to cool off during the summer days. 

If you live in a seasonal climate with hot summers and cold winters, these Central AC and Furnace Systems are for you!

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