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Get the perfect temperature in your rooms no matter what the season! Heat or Cool up to four different rooms with MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Systems. With MRCOOL DIY units, you can install it yourself! The MRCOOL Mini Split System is perfect if you want an energy efficient and affordable solution to keep the right temperature in your rooms.

How should you choose a Mini Split System?

  1. Choose a Condenser. MRCOOL offers a 3-Zone Condenser and a 4-Zone Condenser.
  2. How many Rooms or Zones do you want to Cool and Heat? We offer packages that can cool 1, 2, 3 or 4 Rooms!
  3. How much power do you need for the Mini-Split System? You can choose based on Coverage Area (Square Feet) or Total BTUs. 
  4. What will the distance be between the Condenser (placed outside) and the Air Handlers (placed in the rooms)? Line sets connect the Condenser/Heat Pump to the Air Handlers so you'll need to know how much distance will be between the two units. The most popular distances are 16 or 25 feet... but if you need more, all you'll need to do it add a coupler!

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