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The best-selling kitchen appliances by the Thor Kitchen. These Thor Appliances are tried and tested in their California offices, where decades of experience has led to their mission statement: Powerful Performance, Practical Price™. 

A true one of a kind brand, Thor Kitchen focuses on delivering professional, practical and long-lasting appliances to every American household. Best known for their high functioning ranges, Thor offers appliances for every household. From an affordable and budget friendly line to the top-of-the-line premium options, you'll find your next cooking appliance!

And who doesn't want to match the rest of their appliance? Thor offers every appliance you need: ranges, refrigerators, range hoods, dishwashers, wall ovens, microwaves and wine coolers. 

When you purchase a package, you get matching appliances at a discount! You can even design your own package with our proprietary Design Builder.

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