Ceiling Fans

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Step into our world of ceiling fans, where style meets functionality. Our collection has been hand-picked by our Fan Experts to suit every need and location, ensuring you find the perfect fan for any space, be it your cozy living room or your spacious patio (or both!)

Ceiling Fans to Suit Every Need and Want

Indoor, Covered Outdoors, and Wet-Rated Fans: Whether you're looking to cool off inside, on a sheltered porch or even in the outdoor conditions with rain, we have the ideal fan for you.

Finishes to Complement Your Décor: Choose from an array of pristine, beautiful finishes including bamboo, gold, black, white, satin nickel, and more. Whatever your style, there's a fan to match.

Light Up Your Space: Choose fans with built-in lighting to add a warm glow to your room or go for fans without lighting for a more minimalistic look.

Perfect Fit for Every Ceiling: From rooms with ceilings as low as 8 ft to expansive spaces with ceilings as high as 15 ft, we've got a fan that fits seamlessly. Have an angled or sloped ceiling fan? Consult with us and we'll find you a ceiling fan that meets your specs!

Professional Quality You Can Trust

Assembled in Kentucky, USA: The Big Ass Fans ceiling fans boast of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Why is that? They are assembled with precision in Kentucky by hard-working Americans, the airfoils (or blades) of our fans undergo multiple hand-balancing processes to ensure a smooth, wobble-free operation.

Smart Technology with Haiku and i6 Series: Experience the future of ceiling fans with our Haiku and i6 series that come equipped with SenseME™ Technology. This industry-first feature intelligently adjusts the fan's speed based on room conditions such as temperature, humidity, and motion. It's not just a fan; it's a smart fan.

Whisper-Quiet Operations: Enjoy the gentle breeze without any distractions. Our fans are designed to operate silently, ensuring your peace and comfort are never compromised.

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