Wet Rated Ceiling Fans

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The Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans collection includes top-tier ceiling fans specifically designed to withstand the outdoor elements. These fans are not only built to resist moisture and direct water exposure, but they also combine functionality with aesthetics, making them perfect for both outdoor patios spaces so you can enjoy the outdoors with a breeze!

Weatherproof Design: Each fan in this collection is manufactured to repel water and moisture, ensuring longevity even in the heaviest of downpours.

Diverse Aesthetics: Modern sleek designs in black and white finishes, there's a wet-rated ceiling fan to match every décor and taste.

Energy Efficient: The majority of the ceiling fans in this collection feature energy-saving technologies, ensuring optimal performance with minimal energy consumption. Feeling comfortable doesn't have to come with a higher electricity bill!

Advanced Airflow Technology: Engineered for optimal air circulation, these fans provide a refreshing breeze, making any outdoor space more comfortable, year-round.

Where to use these ceilings fans?

Ideal for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks and verandas. They are also perfect for indoor areas with high humidity levels, such as bathrooms, kitchens and if you are so lucky... indoor pools!

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