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The range is arguably the most important kitchen appliance. Often the centerpiece of the kitchen, the kitchen range offers cooking via cooktop and the oven. Coming in different sizes, colors, fuel types and features - we have it all for you!


The most popular sizes are 30 Inch, 36 Inch and 48 Inch. The next set of popular sizes come in 24 Inch and 60 Inch.


The classic color is Stainless Steel - but other colors such as black stainless steel, red, blue are becoming more and more popular. With every homeowner deserving a range that sticks out, accents on the knobs and oven are becoming the standard. With ZLINE's Autograph Edition, the collection offers gold, champagne bronze and matte black accents. The oven handle, knobs and feet come in these beautiful accents. 

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Fuel Types

Each kitchen is set-up differently. Each homeowner may prefer one fuel type. The most popular fuel types are Gas, Dual Fuel and Electric. 

Gas also comes in either Natural Gas or Propane Gas.

Dual Fuel means the the cooktop (burners) are powered by gas (either propane or natural) and the oven is powered by electricity.


There are a wide variety of features that can take your kitchen range to the next level. Here's a taste of some of them:

Convection Fan - this fan, built into the oven, blows air evenly throughout the oven to ensure the heat is distributed evenly. You will want to have this feature in your oven!

Storage - for a kitchen with limited spacing, a storage drawer can be a life-saver to store baking pans.

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