Induction Range

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Electromagnetic induction is the cutting edge of cooking technology, offering the best combination of safety, speed and convenience. Induction ranges work by using magnetic friction to heat the metal of a pot or pan, leaving the cooking surface cool to the touch and child-safe while delivering fast, consistent, powerful heat. 

Two premium producers of induction ranges are ZLINE and ILVE. Both of these manufacturers produce induction ranges with precision control electric ovens to give you a family-friendly, restaurant-quality cooking range for your home. 

ZLINE induction ranges features superior heating and greater energy efficiency compared to a gas or electric range. There are front control knobs for precision heat and time control, a residual heat indicator to let you know if there is any danger before you touch the stove and a power boost setting for a short burst of high power. 

An induction range from ILVE isn’t just a well-made appliance that stands out in your kitchen; it also comes packed with every feature a homeowner needs. All ranges are handmade in Italy and cooking settings are controlled by an easy-to-use 4.3" TFT full touchscreen. 

The cooktops range in power outputs from 2,500 watts all the way up to 10,500 watts for fast, powerful cooking. Additionally, they have received an A+ European Union energy label, indicating one of the highest possible energy efficiency ratings and making it one of the best options for lowering your energy bills.

Bring the latest in efficient cooking technology into your kitchen with an induction range from ZLINE or ILVE. 

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