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Frequently, Asked, Questions!

What is the standard delivery time?
It depends which brand you are purchasing. ZLINE typically averages 4-6 business days. Thor Kitchen averages 7-10 business days. Other brands will take between 7-15 business days.

What is curbside delivery?
All items ordered from our website include free curbside delivery. The item will be delivered to your curb and will not deliver into your home, kitchen or garage. No exceptions.

What is ZLINE Durasnow® Stainless Steel?
You will notice a higher price tag on these Durasnow® items. This material is fingerprint resistant (no more cleaning!), outdoor-approved and have a slightly cloudier/darker color than traditional stainless steel.

Should I buy a gas or electric oven?
There isn't a right or wrong answer. The decision comes down to customer preference/experience and voltage requirements. Here is some Food For Thought (no pun intended!). 

Gas generates heat rapidly and intensely. As the gas combusts, it releases a bit of moisture. This additional moisture creates an environment to bake and broil - perfect for baking cakes or lasagna.

Electric ovens take a few more moments to heat up. It also creates a "drier" heat which can be more favorable for crispy or crunchy (baked) foods and meats. Important to note, you'll need a 220V requirement for electric ovens!

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