Range Hoods

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Range hoods, aka vent hoods, are an essential kitchen appliance if you have a range, cooktop or rangetop. The purpose of the hood is to vent and suck away all the odor, smoke, grease and moisture from the delightful meals that you and your family cook. 

Naturally, you'll want a range hood that not only matches your kitchen and kitchen appliances, you'll want a vent hood that can vent all the smell, smoke and moisture from the cooking.

Types of Range Hoods

Wall Mounted Range Hoods. The most popular type, these are range hoods that are installed to the wall. 

Island Range Hoods. If your cooking appliance is installed in an island, you'll need an island range hood to fit. 

Under the Cabinet Range Hoods. Do you have cabinets that are installed above your range or rangetop? You'll need the Under Cabinet Range Hood. 

Over the Range Microwave. In the case you want a two-for-one, you can install an over the range microwave that functions as a range hood and a microwave. 

Insert Range Hoods. Are you looking to build custom cabinetry around the range hood?The insert range hood is the one you are looking for!

Range Hood Finishes

Stainless Steel



Ventilation Options

Choose to vent the air outside your home or filter it through a system, which then recirculates the filtered air back into your kitchen.

Ducted. The air is vented outside your home. 

Ductless or Recirculating. With this option, a filter is installed in the range hood to remove all the debris, moisture, etc and the filtered air is recirculated back into your kitchen. 

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