Where are Big Ass Fans made?

by Pete Lader May 14, 2023

Where are Big Ass Fans made?

Big Ass Fans headquarters, R&D and warehouse facilities are located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Haiku and i6 Series are made and assembled in USA (Kentucky), using parts and materials domestically and globally. The airfoils (or blades) are hand balanced three times (!) in the Kentucky facilities to ensure the fan will never wobble and will provide relaxing air to your room for years to come.

Proudly an American company, Big Ass Fans is widely known for introducing the HVLS Industrial Fans to the market and for the Directional Fans (you've seen these at gyms). 

More recently, Big Ass Fans have been outfitting residences all over US with their Haiku Ceiling Fans!

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