Big Ass Fans: Haiku vs. Haiku L Series

by Pete Lader May 18, 2023

Big Ass Fans Haiku vs. Haiku L Series: A Detailed Comparison


Big Ass Fans has long been a pioneer in the world of efficient and stylish HVAC solutions - specifically fans and ceiling fans. They've made a name for themselves in both the residential and commercial sectors, turning the humble ceiling fan into a statement piece. Two of their most popular models are the Haiku and Haiku L series. Both are beautiful pieces of engineering spectacles, offering an appealing, modern take on a traditional fan.

Haiku Series

Haiku L Series

But what are the notable differences between the two? Let's dive into a detailed comparison.

Comparing Haiku and Haiku L Series

Design & Construction

The first (and maybe most important) factor we will examine is the design and construction. The Haiku Series and Haiku L Series are similar in overall appearance, featuring sleek and modern designs that fit seamlessly into a wideless variety of décor styles.

The original Haiku Series (as of this writing) comes in more premium and high-grade materials, including bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminum. Those looking for a luxurious feel in their homes or businesses, this may be a perfect fit for you. On the other hand, the Haiku L Series offers a budget-friendly alternative, made of a high-quality composite hybrid resin.

Both series are hand-balanced (yay wobble-free blades!) in the Kentucky facilities.

Technological Advancement

One notable difference between the two series is the Senseme™ technology - which is included in the Haiku Series but not Haiku L. This revolutionary technology crafted by Big Ass Fans has one goal and one goal only: finding the perfect airflow. The technology allows the ceiling fan to adjust the speed and direction of the fan based on a variety of factors like the occupancy and temperature of the room. Using built-in sensors and algorithms developed by Big Ass Fans, the ceiling fan can calculate the optimal speed and direction of the fan.

More people joined the room? No need to adjust the settings, the fan will do that for you. 

Another real-life example for ceiling fans installed in the bedroom - the fan will automatically change direction and slow down when it detects someone sleeping. Creating a perfect and restful sleep environment for your REM sleep!

What's the end result? The most comfortable air temperature and air flow at all times, with an added bonus of energy efficiency and easily saving money on energy bills.

Styles and Sizes

The Haiku Series offer more sizes and variety in fan finishes versus the Haiku L Series.

The Haiku Series offer sizes in: 52", 60" and 84"

The Haiku L Series offer sizes in 44" and 52"

The Haiku Series offer the following finishes: black, white, natural bamboo, cocoa bamboo, caramel bamboo, driftwood, satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, caramel aluminum, cocoa aluminum, brushed aluminum.

The Haiku L Series offers limited finishes in black, white, caramel bamboo and cocoa bamboo.


As a consistent theme, the Haiku Series has more options. You can get a ceiling fan with no lighting, LED downlight, uplight or LED downlight and uplight. 

For the Haiku L Series? All ceiling fans have a built-in LED downlight with no other options.


With the higher grade materials and technology included with the Haiku Series, the Haiku will be the more expensive option. The price ranges from $1,600 to $2,950 depending on what size, finish and lighting options you are looking for

The budget friendly Haiku L Series are priced between $650 to $750. 

Which should you choose?

Both the Haiku and Haiku L Series fans are high-end products that offer excellent performance, warranty and whisper quiet operations. Your choice between the the two will likely come down to budget, finishes available and which features that are more important to you.

The Haiku, with its more advanced features and finish options, is perfect for those looking for the best that Big Ass Fans has to offer. On the other hand, the Haiku L Series provides a more affordable alternative without significant compromise on the quality and performance that the brand has been known for. 

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