Big Ass Fans Haiku L Series

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Welcome to our exclusive collection dedicated to the Big Ass Fans Haiku L Series. This collection explores the unique world of the Haiku L Series, an innovative range of ceiling fans known for their expert craftsmanship, advanced technology, and energy efficiency. The air foils (or blades) are hand balanced in Kentucky - ensuring there is zero wobble on the fans when you use them. 

These fans, ranging from white to black to bamboo finishes, blend seamlessly into any décor style. The silent operation of the fans underscores the brand's commitment to functionality and comfort.

In our collection, you can explore all the Haiku L Series by color, finish, ceiling height and coverage area. Discover why the Haiku L Series stands alone in the market of affordable and premium ceiling fans, heralding a new era of style and sustainability.

Wondering about the difference between the Haiku and Haiku L series? Read our expert article. 
Big Ass Fans: Haiku vs. Haiku L Series

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