Tankless Water Heaters

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Shop top rated and efficient tankless tankless water heaters today. 

How to choose your Tankless Water Heater?

Choose your gas type: Natural Gas or Propane Gas

Choose your color/finish: White or Dark Gray

Why buy a Tankless Water Heater?

  1. On Demand Hot Water. Once you turn the water on, hot water is pumped straight to your faucet. Don't waste time waiting for hot water anymore!
  2. Energy Efficient. You'll spend less money heating up your hot water. The water is heated on demand most of the water heaters we sell are Energy Star Qualified. 
  3. Buy with Confidence. When you shop Tankless Water Heaters with Premium Home Source, you get professional and premium appliances with an iron-clad warranty on each and every appliance. Buy. With. Confidence!

Why pay more at big box retailers on big name brands? Receive the same quality for a fraction of the price.

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