Fotile Kitchen Appliance Packages

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Fresh Engineering with Fotile Kitchen Appliance Packages

At Premium Home Source, you'll find the most innovative technology happening in the kitchen right now. With Fotile, they are taking their attention-to-detail and combining it with patented technology to bring every American household the best-in-class appliances. Hand-crafted in New Jersey, these appliances are made to cook any meal for you and your family! 

Start your package with either a range or cooktop, one of the most used appliances. The 30" range comes with 5 burners (yes, you heard that right), a self-clean feature and a storage drawer. If you can find a more functional 30" range... let us know!

Combine this with one of Fotile's state-of-the-art range hoods with the patented WhisPower Technology that allows for powerful and efficient suction. Leave no odor, smell in your kitchen with Fotile's range hoods. 


Why Buy a Fotile Kitchen Package?

When you buy kitchen bundles from Premium Home Source, you can count on the very best in customer service. Enjoy free shipping — really, we’ll ship all your appliances for free — as well as a convenient 30-day return policy in case you’re not happy with your purchase. As one of the few online authorized Fotile dealer, we’re pleased to answer any questions you may have about these high-end appliances.

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