3 Zone Mini Split

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In the past, homeowners looking for air conditioning and climate control solutions needed to install a bulky central air conditioning system and a network of ducts and vents, even if they only needed A/C and heating solutions in a few rooms. Today’s homeowners have access to a more powerful and cost-effective solution: the mini split heat pump and air conditioner system.

Mini splits are smaller, more flexible and better adapted for introducing cooling and heating to individual rooms than standard ducted systems. These systems also avoid the hassle and expensive ducting installation as these systems are ductless. A typical mini split system comprises an outdoor unit and one (single-zone) or multiple (multi-zone) indoor units, one for each room where you need climate control.

The three (3) zone mini split system is one of the most popular mini split formats. A three zone package includes three indoor units and one outdoor unit, allowing you to control the temperature in any three of your house’s rooms. Premium Home Source offers a range of high-quality, high-efficiency, 3-zone mini split systems by renowned manufacturers such as MRCOOL and Pioneer.

Whether you need air conditioning, heating and air quality control in your bedrooms, kitchen, living room or anywhere else in the home, these systems are available in a wide range of BTU capacities for homes and rooms of all sizes. Individual indoor units range from 9,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU with total systems running between 27,000 BTU to 54,000 BTU. Efficiency is guaranteed no matter your chosen package’s capacity, due to the SEER ratings ranging from the high teens to 22.

All of our three zone mini split systems are complete packages that include an outdoor unit, three indoor units, three remotes, three line sets and installation kits complete with mounting hardware and accessories. It also includes a guarantee of the perfect airflow for a long time!

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