Double Wall Ovens

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Double up your cooking and baking power with these double wall ovens. These built-in wall ovens will offer a flush look and offer professional cooking quality.

It is very common (and preferred) for kitchens to have a double wall oven, rangetop (or cooktop) instead of a freestanding kitchen range. These double wall ovens have the capacity to cook large meals like turkeys and baking your favorite treats... at the same time! You could only do this with a 60" range and that is not only expensive, but takes up ALOT of space.

Why should you consider a double wall oven? 

Most ranges can take up a large space in your kitchen and does not offer a clean, modern or professional look you may be going for. Add to the fact you can cook two large meals at the same time, a double wall oven is a no-brainer when designing your kitchen for the long-term!

With a stacked double wall oven and rangetop combo (here's our favorite!), you can save space while also reaping the benefits of a range top and a large, spacious double wall oven. In many newer home and apartment builds, this is now the preferred set-up of kitchen appliances. 

Shop from our large selection of double wall ovens in a variety of colors and finishes!

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