MRCOOL Hyper Heat Central Ducted Series

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Upgrade your home's HVAC system with the MRCOOL®'s Hyper Heat Central Ducted System for flexible, energy-saving heating and cooling solutions. This advanced and affordable HVAC system guarantees seamless temperature control, fostering optimal comfort throughout the year.

With MRCOOL®'s Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler and Condenser, you benefit from a 10-year parts and labor warranty (no need to register the unit), multi-position installation options, and an energy efficient system that saves you money without giving up on performance. This dynamic system can adapt to UPFLOW, DOWNFLOW, HORIZONTAL LEFT, or HORIZONTAL RIGHT configurations, assuring compatibility with various ductwork requirements.

Here's what you can expect from MRCOOL®'s Hyper Heat Central Ducted System:

  1. Optional Pre-Charged Line Sets for easy installation (requires HVAC technician)
  2. Up to 17.4 SEER2 and 10 HSPF2 for efficient energy use
  3. Variable Speed control for customizable comfort
  4. Enhanced Heating Capacity for guaranteed warmth
  5. Uses eco-friendly R-410A Refrigerant
  6. Constructed with Painted Galvanized Steel for durability
  7. Quiet Operation ensuring peaceful environments
  8. Compact, Side Discharge Design for easy integration
  9. Multi-Position Installation flexibility
  10. Slide-Out Blower for enhanced airflow
  11. Wired Thermostat Included for convenient control
  12. Follow Me™ Function for personalized heating/cooling
  13. Easy-Access Removable Filter for hassle-free maintenance
  14. Modular Design for simplified installation
  15. Self-Diagnostics for proactive system management
  16. Easy Maintenance design for longevity

Trust MRCOOL®'s Central Ducted Air Handler and Condenser for reliable, year-round heating and cooling solutions in any home. Enhance your indoor comfort experience with MRCOOL® today.

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