MRCOOL Universal

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The MRCOOL Universal Series is the most efficient performance ducted HVAC system today. Choose between a 3 and 5 Ton Condenser with Inverter technology today.


  • Advanced DC Inverter Technology moderates the operating load of the system, increasing energy efficiency throughout the season and lower operating costs
  • Quieter System. Conventional condensers average around 73 dBA and the MRCOOL Universal Condenser goes as high has 55 dBA.
  • All-Climate and Weather Conditions. The 5 Ton system works between 5 to 129.2°F in Cool Mode and -22 to 75.2°F in Heat Mode
  • Multi-Position Installation for the Air Handler with either Upflow or Horizontal.
  • Coverage Area between 1,000 and 2,500 square feet makes this a system you can use almost anywhere!

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