Matte Black Appliances

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Go with matte black kitchen and home appliances to go for a big and bold style. Inspired and designed for darker tones, the Matte Black appliances make a strong and classy statement. Create a classic or modern accent to your home with a touch of Matte Black.

What can matte black appliances go well with?

The darker tones of the matte black trim goes exceptionally well with a lighter shade or color. Imagine a white or light cabinets with your dishwasher or refrigerator handle in an elegant matte black finish. 

Are you going with a fully matte black appliances? No problem. That always works well with any shade or color that isn't already a darker tone or black. You wouldn't want to have matte black cabinets and a matte black range!

What appliances does Premium Home Source offer in matte black? 

Almost everything! From ranges, refrigerators all the way to faucets - we can help you build your dream matte black kitchen!


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