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As winter approaches, ensuring you have a powerful, energy-efficient furnace should be your priority. Premium Home Source offers a range of MRCOOL furnaces to keep your home warm while saving you money on your monthly energy and gas bills. 

The MRCOOL 4 Ton 90,000 BTU Gas Furnace offers safe and reliable heat when cold winter hits. This versatile system can be installed horizontally or with a vertical upflow to heat your home precisely with its constant torque high-efficiency multi-speed blower motor. It is designed to give you worry-free heat for decades and comes with a 10-year parts guarantee. This MRCOOL gas furnace will also save money on monthly bills thanks to its 80% AFUE energy efficiency rating. For greater energy efficiency and higher heat output for larger homes, Premium Home Source also offers the MRCOOL 5 Ton 95% AFUE Multi Speed Gas Furnace. Thanks to its 95% AFUE rating, this furnace wastes minimal fuel, ensuring you get the best value for money. 

Its multi-speed blower will keep your home at precisely the right temperature and save even more money by using only the exact heat necessary to warm your home to the preset temperature. It comes with a self-diagnostic system that can prevent up to 10 fault codes that would shut down other furnaces. It also offers added peace of mind thanks to a 10-year warranty on parts and a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger. 

Warm your home this winter with a new, energy-efficient MR COOL furnace from Premium Home Source and save money on heating bills. 

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