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The MRCOOL family of mini split heat pumps are home air conditioning systems designed to be as accessible as possible. All MRCOOL DIY mini split heat pumps are designed at the MRCOOL facilities in Hickory, Kentucky.

Premium Home Source is the authorized dealer of MRCOOL DIY mini split systems. We are proud to offer a complete product lineup that meets the air conditioning and heating needs for houses, garages and businesses of all sizes. All MRCOOL products are heat pumps designed for maximum year-round comfort. Your MRCOOL DIY system will keep your home at the ideal temperature, regardless of the season or outside conditions.

Choose from a comprehensive selection of single-zone and multi-zone units with up to five indoor air handlers. Numerous system capacities (from 9,000 BTU to 54,000 BTU) and configurations are available to fit the system to any type or size of living space, from the most compact to the most expansive.

Don't know what system to get? Use our easy calculator to find the perfect mini split for you!

MRCOOL mini split heat pumps are the most accessible and cost-effective way to install a high-efficiency heat pump in your home. All MRCOOL DIY systems come packaged with mounting hardware, easy-to-follow instructions and modular pre-charged line sets already filled with the correct amount of high-efficiency R-410A refrigerant. With MRCOOL, you can unbox, install and configure the entire system yourself without the need to hire an expensive HVAC technician.

Once installed, your home will not only benefit from year-round climate control, but you will also save money on electrical bills, thanks to the highly energy-efficient technologies employed in each unit. All MRCOOL DIY mini splits are rated to provide a minimum SEER rating of 16, with numerous packages reaching or exceeding SEER 20.

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