Are ZWILLING Knives Good?

by Alex Goodwin October 06, 2023

With so many options for kitchen knives these days, which one should you purchase? ZWILLING, a brand with a rich history dating back to 1731, has been at the forefront of knife-making excellence, pioneering methods that have become standards in the industry. But with the influx of newer brands, does ZWILLING still hold its #1 position? Are ZWILLING knives any good? 

We'll be evaluating the ZWILLING knives based on these factors:

  1. Knife Types
  2. Manufacturing Method
  3. Blade Material
  4. Sharpness
  5. Handle Material and Comfort
  6. Maintenance and Care
  7. Price and Budget

Keep in mind that this analysis is based on more popular ZWILLING All*Star and Professional series - other lines like the Bob Kramer may have different factors.

Knife Types. 

ZWILLING boasts an expansive knife range, encompassing chef, bread, paring & peeling, steak, santoku, utility, bird's beak, boning, peeling, fileting, nakiri, cleaver and carving knives. Safe to say you'll find a knife for any and every occasion.

Manufacturing Excellence.

The majority of ZWILLING knives are forged, a process wherein a single piece of material is meticulously shaped to form the blade. This method, favored for creating professional-grade kitchen knives, ensures robustness and longevity.

Superior Blade Material. 
The blades are crafted from a special formula of high carbon stainless steel that has been refined and perfected for over 290 years. 

The blades are precision-honed and laser-controlled edge for superior sharpness. With ZWILLING's proprietary FRIODUR hardening process, the blades are ice-hardened to ensure the blade is made sharper, stays sharper for longer and has unbeatable longevity. For perfect balance and precision, the knives are then passed to a ZWILLING craftsman and honed for final touches.

Staying sharp... ZWILLING offers knife blocks that feature self-sharpening slots that ensure your fine edge knives are always sharp.

Handle Material and Comfort. 
In keeping up with new trends, most families and homeowners tend to cook for at least half of the week. This means you'll be using your kitchen knives pretty frequently! Newly designed handles are built for comfort with a priority on being ergonomic. 

Maintenance and Care. 
While select ZWILLING knives are dishwasher safe, for longevity and to prevent potential damage, hand washing is advised. This care method safeguards against the harsh chemicals and abrasive environment of a dishwasher.

Price and Budget. 
Individual knives range from as low as $8 to $500 and knife sets run from $30 to $2,799, there is a ZWILLING knife and knife set for everyone!

PHS Recommendation:

Given the high customer ratings of 4.8/5 and the grading system above, it is no doubt that vast experience pays off with ZWILLING. With hundreds of years of manufacturing under ZWILLING's belt, we highly recommend investing in these kitchen knives!



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