MRCOOL Mini Split

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Find the perfect Mini Split system with MRCOOL today. MRCOOL Mini Split systems are capable of cooling and heating up to five Rooms/Zones in almost any environment. 

Why go with MRCOOL Mini Splits? 

Save Money. MRCOOL DIY systems are the ONLY system on the market that can be qualified as truly DIY. With the pre-charged linesets, you don't need to worry about hiring a expensive HVAC technician to help you install your new HVAC system.  Who doesn't love saving money? 

Easy Installation. No more ducted vents, spending hours staying at home to organize a Contractor or HVAC Technician to come in. Do. It. Yourself. MRCOOL's patented technology allows you, the homeowner, to take your home to the next air level!

Versatility. Mix and match up to 3,000 different combinations between condensers, air handlers and linesets. MRCOOL makes it easy for you to cool and heat one to five rooms with varying lengths (using linesets) between each air handler. 

Control The Temperature of Each Room. Central Air Ventilation Systems are great for setting and forgetting for the WHOLE home. But most families have their own version of "ideal temperature" when lounging around, sleeping or watching TV. That's why we recommend Mini Splits - you can easily adjust the temperature room by room with a click of a button!

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