ZLINE vs. Viking. Which range is better? Here's everything you need to know.

by Pete Lader September 12, 2021

One of our best selling brands, ZLINE Kitchen, gets compared ALOT to the reputable Viking brand. Let’s break down the similarities and differences between ZLINE Kitchen and Viking freestanding ranges......

Thor Kitchen - A Good Kitchen Appliance Brand

Is Thor Kitchen A Good Kitchen Appliance Brand?

by Pete Lader July 30, 2021

Is Thor Kitchen a trusted kitchen appliance brand? Over the past decade, Thor Kitchen has been providing professional, luxury kitchen appliances to thousands of American households. The company, based on...

ZLINE Kitchen & Bath FAQ

Is ZLINE a Good Brand?

by Pete Lader June 30, 2021

Is ZLINE a good brand? The simple answer is, yes! ZLINE is amongst the best appliance brands on the market today. When it comes to quality, ZLINE is known for providing the...

ZLINE Autograph Dual Fuel Oven with Polished Gold Knobs

ZLINE Autograph Collection

by Pete Lader June 18, 2021

ZLINE has changed the game for home appliances! Encompass precision and experience attainable luxury with ZLINE’s brand new collection -  The Autograph Collection.  The ZLINE Autograph Edition is a sophisticated...

Stainless Steel Dishwasher with White Cabinets and Wood Floor

Ultimate Dishwasher Guide: 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Dishwasher

by Pete Lader May 13, 2021

Ultimate Dishwasher Guide: 5 Things to Consider When Buying A Dishwasher  Dishwashers have evolved exponentially over the years. Whether you're a pro at purchasing appliances or a new buyer, there is a...

Blaze Professional 34" 3 Burner Propane Gas Grill BLZ-3PRO-LP

Are Blaze Grills Any Good? We'll Tell You!

by Pete Lader April 22, 2021

Are Blaze Grills Any Good? Should You Buy Blaze Grills? Your questions, answered.  In 2012, Blaze Grills was started by Michael and Ladina Hackle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Starting off...

ZLINE Brass Burners

5 Reasons You Should Buy ZLINE Brass Burners

by Pete Lader March 15, 2021

One of the most common questions in the kitchen world has been: should I buy Aluminum or ZLINE Brass Burners? We at Premium Home Source (ZLINE's top Authorized Dealer &...