Are ZLINE Ranges Good? | ZLINE Range Review

by Pete Lader December 21, 2021

So you are looking for the perfect range in your kitchen and have come across the ZLINE brand and range. You know a lot of retailers sell it, you have never seen it in person and you are wondering ... are ZLINE ranges any good?! Let’s review the ZLINE range in detail!

ZLINE ranges (and all other ZLINE products) are billed as attainable luxury and a perfect way to add a professional and durable appliance to your kitchen without breaking the budget. But are you giving up key features compared to other luxury brands? Let’s review all the factors and find out why the ZLINE range might be for you!

Article Highlights:

  1. Range Sizes, Colors and Fuel Types
  2. Materials of the Range
  3. Cooktop and Burner Performance
  4. Oven Performance
  5. Cost
  6. Warranty

Range Options

ZLINE ranges come in all sizes, colors and fuel types. You’ll have no trouble finding a new range that suits your kitchen! Whether you’re doing a range upgrade or a full kitchen remodel, there’s a ZLINE range that’ll fit your needs. With five different sizes in stock, you’ll get all the features (and stovetop space) that you could want. 

Sizes (inches)

  • 24
  • 30
  • 36
  • 48
  • 60



As part of the Luxury Autograph Series by ZLINE, ZLINE now offers three accents. These accents are on the oven knobs, oven handles and the front feet of the range. 

  • Gold (customer favorite!)
  • Champagne Bronze
  • Black Matte

Do you ever stop to think just how much time you spend looking at your kitchen appliances? You probably never considered it before this moment, but we’re willing to bet it’s a lot of the time! For something you see every day, do you want it to be enjoyable to look at? ZLINE ranges have plenty of varied styles, so there’s something that’ll complement your kitchen perfectly.

Fuel Types

Generally, ranges need power/fuel to two parts of the range: the cooktops or burners and the oven. These can be powered by natural gas, propane gas, electricity or a combination. Can’t figure out which one is right for you? Read our article outlining the difference between gas and electric ovens! Note that where you live may only offer one of the available power options, so always double check before ordering your ZLINE range.

  • Natural Gas RangeCooktop and oven powered by natural gas
  • Propane Gas RangeCooktop and oven powered by propane gas
  • Dual Fuel RangeCooktop powered by natural gas or propane gas and oven powered by electricity
  • Induction Range - Cooktop powered by electric induction technology and oven powered by electricity

The ZLINE natural gas and dual fuel range are shipped for use with natural gas, and an LP conversion kit is sent in the box.

Important to remember that the Dual Fuel and Induction ranges require 220V. 

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath

Materials of the Range

All ZLINE ranges are made from durable 304-grade stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is incredibly easy to clean and reliable and will match other traditional stainless steel appliances. Your range needs to work as hard as you do. With countless meals made on it, you want your appliances to hold up (and look good) over the years.

The burners are made from aluminum, unless you upgrade to the ranges with brass burners. No matter which burner material you get, they are sourced from Italy.

The cooktop is made from porcelain, which is the preferred material for cooktops. Porcelain cooktops  are easy to clean (let’s be honest; food is going to spill!), resistant to most scratches and damages and are aesthetically pleasing. Even if you’re just an amateur home cook, you’ll have the aesthetic look of a professional range. We challenge you to put one of these in your kitchen and not feel inspired to cook more often!

Cooktop and Burner Performance

The cooktop is one piece and made of porcelain. Having a one-piece cooktop will save you the headache of cleaning the cooktop constantly, and you won’t have to worry about food bits falling in places you can’t clean!

Not only is the cooktop easy to clean, but ZLINE burners are professional grade. They come in the regular burners or brass burners. All burners are sourced from Italy.

Why would you pay more for brass burners

  1. Corrosion resistant = Last Longer
  2. Superior heat retention = Food Tastes Better
  3. Superior ability to distribute heat evenly = Food Tastes Better
  4. Stain and grime resistant = Easier to Clean
  5. Professional look = The Brass Makes Your Range Pop!

Read about the full advantages of brass burners in our award-winning article.

If you don’t opt for the brass burners, you’ll still receive the professional performance made of alloy, which will always produce amazing meals for your family. 

The BTUs on each sealed burner range from 4,500 to 18,000 BTUs. Whether you are simmering your favorite pasta sauce or cooking your favorite dinner, you’ll have a variety of burner types to cook with. The 48" and 60" ranges come with a fish burner — which is tailored for the built-in griddle. All burners are sealed to the range for a simplified cleaning process.

The number of burners on the cooktop range from the size:

24 Inch – 4 Burners

30 Inch – 4 Burners

36 Inch – 6 Burners

48 Inch – 6 Burners and 1 Fish/Griddle Burner

60 Inch – 8 Burners and 1 Fish/Griddle Burner

Oven Performance

Let’s talk about the most important factor that you might have on your mind. Yes — this oven has a convection fan. This fan allows heat to be distributed evenly in the oven. The convection fan can be turned on and off, depending on your preference and what food you are baking or boiling. You’ve got a convection oven when you need it, and it’s out of the way when you don’t. What could be simpler? Need a broiler? It’s got that too!

The second question on your mind — how large is the oven?


Total Oven Capacity (Cubic Feet)


2.8 cu. ft.


4.0 cu. ft.


4.6 cu. ft.


6.0 cu. ft.


7.4 cu. ft.

More amazing features of the oven:

  • Oven door is triple glass layered — These three layers allow you to look inside the oven as well as keep the heat in the oven.
  • Ball Bearing Racks — Easy slide-out racks that don't fall as you pull them out! 
  • Oven Door with stay-put hinges — That’s right! The hinges can support the weight of the full oven door so when you open the door, it won’t fall all the way down. 


ZLINE is one of the few affordable kitchen brands that rank high in quality, reliability and the professional look. Let’s compare the most popular ZLINE ranges to other competitors. 

ZLINE Price Comparison


Each ZLINE range comes with a 1-year full warranty, covering parts and labor. The date the warranty starts is when the range is delivered to you. The warranty provider with ZLINE can service any state and city in the United States. Whether your dream kitchen is in a small or large city, you will be covered under this iron-clad warranty!


So, are ZLINE Ranges any good? We can all agree the answer is a resounding yes. With the variety of colors and finishes, the Italian-made burners and the affordable cost — ZLINE ranges are a no-brainer for your dream kitchen! You’ll get the look and functionality of a high-end range without the luxury price tag. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances or just commit to cooking more at home, a ZLINE range is the perfect option. They’ll turn cooking enthusiasts into pros and the cooking-averse into excited, budding chefs. If you ever need assistance, simply reach out to ZLINE customer service to get your issue resolved so you can get back to cooking!

Shop some of the best selling ZLINE Ranges:


Contact our sales team at or leave a comment!


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