Who Makes Kucht Appliances?

by Pete Lader November 25, 2021

What company makes Kucht appliances?

Kucht Professional, headquartered in New Jersey, manufactures and makes Kucht appliances. The company, created in 2007, has been specializing in creating stylistic and simplistic kitchen appliances for every American family. No longer do you need to pay $10,000 for a premium range when you can spend a fraction of that and receive the exact same quality. 

Why buy Kucht Appliances?

Stellar Quality and Reliability. With one of the highest satisfaction scores in our selection, Kucht is backed by warranties that are second to none. All Kucht products come with 2 years parts and labor....let's just say you can buy with confidence!

Designed for you. The kitchen world is trending to more simple and professional appliances. All Kucht appliances are made not only to function perfectly, but to be a conversation starter in your kitchen. There are no complex electronic displays or controls - which usually lead to recurring and expensive maintenance issues - rather, Kucht focuses on delivering an award-winning design for every chef!

Kucht ranges are designed with heavy duty stainless steel, thick cooking grates made of iron, and porcelain coated ovens to give it the premium aesthetic.

Affordable. Remember those days when you were forced to purchase a brand name range for $8,000-10,000? Those days are long gone. You can buy a professional-grade kitchen appliance and enjoy cooking with no regrets. 

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