ZLINE 24 Inch Microwave Drawer Review

by Pete Lader March 13, 2022

ZLINE 24 Inch Microwave Drawer Review

The ZLINE Microwave Drawer (Stainless Steel or Black) has been turning up the heat since it has been released. But since you have likely never seen this in person, we want to give you all the the key features in this comprehensive product review. Is it right for you and your dream kitchen? Let's explore!

What we'll be covering:
1. Power (or Watts)
2. Cooking Features
3. Installation Types
4. Finish Options
5. Summary

ZLINE Microwave Drawer MWD-1 Product Summary

Power (or Watts)

Spend too much time standing in front of a microwave while it heats up your leftovers? That's probably as a result of the low power output (measured in Watts). The ZLINE Microwave Drawer has cooking power of up to 1,000 Watts. 

The standard for new models is 1,000 Watts, so if the microwave drawer power is less, I would recommend looking at another microwave. 

Cooking Features

A microwave is only as good as what setting and features types it offers. So let's dive in!

The ZLINE Microwave Drawer has 11 power levels - ranging from the level of power/watts you want to heat up. 

For more specific settings (like Popcorn), the drawer also conveniently offers:

  1. Microwave Cooking. Instant cooking at 100% Power Level by licking "Start/+30SEC". Each time you press the button, it will add 30 seconds of microwave time!
  2. Weight Defrost. Searching for a quick defrost function? The ZLINE Microwave Drawer allows you to defrost starting with 0.1 pounds and all the way up to 6.
  3. Time Defrost. Not a fan of defrosting by weight? No problem. This microwave drawer also offers defrosting by time. You can choose anywhere between 1 second to 99 minutes and 99 seconds!
    Note: The defrosting power is PL30 - or 30%.
  4. Auto Menu: Beverage. Want to heat up that cold Starbucks coffee? No problem with this setting.
  5. Auto Menu: Popcorn. It's Saturday night, you are flipping through Netflix shows and you (naturally) are craving popcorn. Toss a bag in the microwave and simply use the Popcorn setting!
  6. Auto Menu: Melt. This setting is specifically meant to melt, Butter, Chocolate, Cheese or Marshmallows! Select which food you want to melt and the weight, and let ZLINE do the rest!

Installation Type

This microwave can be installed in a kitchen island, cabinetry or your pantry. We recommend to always double check the Installation Instructions and dimensions before you choose where you want to put the Microwave Drawer!

Pictured below: A ZLINE Microwave Drawer installed in a kitchen island.

ZLINE Microwave Drawer (MWD) installed in a Kitchen Island

Finish Options

By now, I hope you have "warmed" up to the idea of the ZLINE Microwave Drawer and now it's about what finish you want. Since the standard size is 24", your two options are either to choose the 24" Stainless Steel or the 24" Black Stainless Steel

Want to fill out the look of your cabinet? ZLINE also offers an upgrade with a Trim Kit in Stainless Steel, vastly improving the look and functionality of your next dream kitchen!

Pictured below: ZLINE Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer - opened after heating up a coffee!

ZLINE Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer


Out with the old countertop and outdated microwaves, in with the space-saving technology that is ZLINE Microwave Drawer! Use the microwave for popcorn, defrosting and almost everything in between. 

Need some recommendations, you should start here:

  1. ZLINE Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer
  2. ZLINE Black Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer

Looking to build a full kitchen package? Start here:

Pictured below: ZLINE 36" Range, Range Hood and Microwave Drawer

ZLINE Range, Microwave and Range Hood in Kitchen

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  • Pete, thanks for the helpful article! I was just about to purchase a microwave drawer with less than 1,000 watts with no Defrost function…. I just purchased the Microwave with Trim Kit… will post a review after a few months of using it!

    Georgia F on

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