ZLINE vs. Thor Appliances: Benefits of Each Brand

by Pete Lader March 07, 2022

Two of our best-selling brands are ZLINE Kitchen and Thor Kitchen. Although both are reputable manufacturers producing high-quality products, making an informed decision and choosing one over the other can be challenging. If you’re interested in these manufacturers’ appliances and packages but are unsure which one to choose, we break down ZLINE vs. Thor to help you decide. Discover each brand’s benefits and the advantages they can offer you.

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ZLINE Kitchen Appliances

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a family-owned designer kitchen appliance manufacturer founded by Andrew Zuro in 2005 near Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada side of the border. The company operates from multiple headquarters in Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee. ZLINE’s brand philosophy is to make the luxurious attainable to everyone, making your kitchen feel more upscale and increasing its value. Each ZLINE product is designed by Andrew Zuro and his team, assembled in Asia using parts sourced from the U.S. and Europe and shipped from the United States. ZLINE is an industry leader in range hoods and kitchen appliance packages. It is notable for being the first company to offer a lifetime warranty on range hood motors and burners and providing a complete selection of range hoods in multiple styles (copper, wooden, stainless steel) under the same brand.

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ZLINE product features

Although most ZLINE appliance packages are 36" and 48" models, the full selection of ZLINE products features gas- and dual-fuel ranges between 24" and 60" in size. ZLINE appliances are available in various colors, ideal for multiple kitchen styles and aesthetic themes. Colors include stainless steel, white, black, red, blue and ZLINE’s proprietary DuraSnow steel finish. DuraSnow finish is outdoor-grade 304 stainless steel with exceptional durability and resistance to rust, heat and fingerprints. For additional options, the Zline Autograph series offers appliances in gold, bronze and matte black accents. 

ZLINE ovens are available in gas-powered or electric-powered models, and stove burners may accept either natural gas or propane, thanks to the included LP conversion kit. Best of all, ZLINE appliance packages are among the best-reviewed products by our customers, with over 5,000 reviews with 4 stars or more. 

Best-selling ZLINE packages

The top 3 most popular ZLINE appliances and packages include:

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Thor Kitchen

Thor Kitchen is an appliance manufacturing company founded and headquartered in southern California. They offer a complete range of professional-grade, mass-premium kitchen appliances, suitable for the home but with the build quality of equipment used by the world’s best restaurants.

Thor appliances are designed to appeal to cooking enthusiasts, hobbyists and even pros. These products are suitable for someone looking for home kitchen equipment with the same build quality and ruggedness as those used by the cooking industry’s professionals. Thor Kitchen’s company’s objective is: giving the homeowner the top-quality equipment they need to cook anything, anytime. They offer quality without having to spend on professional-grade price tags.

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Thor product features

Although Thor products are only available in stainless steel, they are made using 430 stainless steel, the same type of high-durability materials as those used in commercial appliances. These materials make Thor appliances highly durable and easy to clean. Thor kitchen appliance packages range from 24" to 48" and feature a complete selection of equipment. This includes fully featured ranges, hoods, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators and even ice makers and wine coolers. Ranges are available with electric or gas-powered stove burners and ovens, making Thor appliances truly dual-powered.

Best-selling Thor packages

The top 3 most popular Thor appliances and packages on our website are:

Which Should I Choose?

Although both brands offer excellent products designed by American teams, each has a distinct personality and appeals to a different type of customer. If you’re looking for a kitchen appliance package that reflects your style and personality or fits in an intricately designed indoor or outdoor kitchen, you may find ZLINE products to be the better choice. The wide range of sizes, trims and colors and the availability of the outdoor-grade DuraSnow finish make ZLINE an excellent choice for the aesthetic-conscious.

A Thor kitchen appliance package is an excellent choice if you’re seeking functionality and practicality. Thor packages offer a wide variety of appliances from three-unit offerings for the kitchen-curious to feature-complete six-unit packages with a wine coolers and ice makers, ideal for cooking fanatics and professionals at home.

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Premium Home Source is a family-owned retailer of professional-grade kitchen appliances and a featured authorized dealer of ZLINE and Thor kitchen products. Our mission is to provide high-quality home goods and appliances to homeowners, contractors and property managers, making it easy to outfit your kitchen with the world’s best equipment. Browse our selection and build your dream kitchen today.

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