Thor Kitchen vs. Wolf: Everything You Need to Know

by Pete Lader June 02, 2022

Shopping for new appliances in your kitchen can get overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the brands. One of the biggest kitchen appliance brands in the market, Wolf, is known for its quality appliances; however, they typically come with a high price tag. Though less well-known, Thor Appliances offer better quality ranges, fridges, range hoods and dishwashers, with more versatile features at a lower price. If you are shopping for new equipment to outfit your kitchen, discover what different features, packages and qualities a Thor kitchen vs. Wolf kitchen has to offer.

Thor Product Features

If you are considering different kitchen appliance brands to outfit your kitchen, you may wonder who makes Thor appliances? Thor appliances are manufactured by Thor Kitchen, a privately owned U.S.-based company headquartered in southern California. They manufacture high-quality, commercial-grade appliances at affordable prices that let you create the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank. 

Range and range hoods

Thor’s energy-efficient ranges not only have a lower sticker price than Wolf, but they also offer a lower cost of ownership. Whether you’re looking for six powerful burners that go all the way up to 18,000 BTUs, or the versatility of having two burner rings and a simmer setting that lets you take it all the way down to 650 BTUs, you’ll be able to control your heat and your cooking times to perfection. You can find a Thor appliance package with range options, including gas ranges, dual fuel ranges, electric models and configurations of four-to-six burners and griddle plates. Thor Kitchen ranges also come in single or double oven models; both ovens offer spacious interiors ideal for cooking for large families or hosting holiday meals.

One of the most popular models is the Thor 36" Natural Gas Range and Range Hood package. The range is a commercial-grade unit featuring six 18,000 BTU burners with a continuous cast-iron cooking grate to accommodate any type of cookware. The 6 ft³ convection oven has an easy-to-clean porcelain interior and a single removable drip tray to catch spills and overflow from casserole dishes. 

Thor Kitchen ovens

Oven capacity and heating methods are important considerations when choosing your oven. Thor brand ovens beat both Wolf and Viking in capacity, so you’ll be able to bake, roast and broil a feast for friends and family. The Thor 30" Professional Self-Cleaning Wall Oven comes with an LED touchscreen for effortless control and convection functionality, allowing professional results whether baking, broiling, warming or using the convection features. The stainless-steel finish is corrosion resistant for long-lasting durability, and the oven is self-cleaning to simplify oven care and maintenance.

Thor Kitchen refrigerators

Thor Kitchen refrigerators are designed for the modern kitchen. They offer the Thor Kitchen 36" Counter Depth Refrigerator with generous storage, including space in the door for larger items like milk and juice and adjustable racks and shelves to keep your perishables fresh. The Triple-Tech cooling system lets you control temperature and humidity levels through separate air flows.



The Thor Kitchen 24" Microwave Drawer has a flexible design that allows you more placement versatility, from under a kitchen island to above your wall oven. The Keep Warm function delivers short bursts of heat to your food, so it stays hot but doesn’t overcook. Autotouch Open/ Close function lets you stay hands-free when you need to be. From a spacious 1.2 ft³ capacity to multiple power modes, this microwave will make your meal prep super convenient. 


Thor dishwashers are professional quality appliances at home chef prices. Features include quiet operation, so you can go on with your day while it runs seamlessly in the background. Smart wash systems and four powerful spray arms ensure your dishes get spotlessly clean, and a multiple filtration system keeps your dishwasher energy and water-efficient. The Thor Kitchen 24" Stainless Steel Dishwasher also comes with the Smart Wash System. This system uses a sensor to detect how dirty your dishes are and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly to ensure your dishes are clean every time.

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Wolf Brand Comparison

While Wolf appliances offer outstanding build quality and a huge range of products, they typically have a significantly higher price tag for appliances with similar performance and power output to Thor appliances. 

Ranges And Hoods

Wolf offers gas, dual fuel and electric ranges with slightly lower BTU capacity than the Thor Kitchen brand. The trade-off is that they do provide more burners, with some models coming with up to eight burners. Wolf uses a patented, dual-stacked, sealed gas burner on its gas and dual fuel ranges, and electric ranges from Wolf come with induction burner cooktops. Like Thor kitchen, Wolf offers various ventilation systems, including wall, island and ceiling hoods, outdoor vents and integrated downdrafts to keep your space fresh and smoke-free


Wolf’s built-in ovens offer convection systems showcased in two different lines offering a variety of features, letting you choose between convection, convection-steam and convection speed ovens, to give you control over your kitchen.


Wolf offers refrigerators manufactured by Sub-Zero, including full-sized, wine and under-counter options. Finishes come in both stainless steel or panel ready with a wide variety of styles and configurations. 


Wolf offers two different sizes of microwaves in a few different styles, including standard countertop, drop door and drawer microwaves. Options include convection capabilities and traditional side-swinging doors.


Dishwashers by Wolf are manufactured by Cove but offer lots of customization and quiet operation, and they are built from quality, durable materials. Adjustable heights, racks and several custom options ensure you can fit a range of pots, pans and dinner settings for simplified cleaning.

kitchen set

The Verdict: Thor Kitchen vs. Wolf

Although both brands offer exceptional quality kitchen appliances with commercial-grade features, only Thor Kitchen has an affordable price tag that allows you to invest in a full appliance package for your home. Thor Kitchen has found the perfect balance of performance and affordability for appliances built to last. 

Explore the full selection of Thor Kitchen ranges, range hoods, dishwashers, fridges and microwaves available at Premium Home Source. Contact us at (800) 805-7102, and our team can help you locate a professional technician to install your Thor Kitchen appliances for a beautiful, functional kitchen. 

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