Thor Kitchen Gas Range Review

by Pete Lader May 30, 2022

Thor Kitchen has grown in popularity as a major kitchen appliance brand in the last decade as more people are looking to equip their homes with appliances that can deliver professional-grade performance. The mid-sized California-based company focuses on creating high-end ranges that offer sleek aesthetic appeal as well as intense power output and versatile cooking features for an affordable price.  

Despite their steady growth, Thor Kitchen appliances are still compared against established brands like Wolf and Viking, which makes many customers wonder if Thor Kitchen ranges are any good. Understanding the features and benefits of a Thor Kitchen gas range can help you decide which range model and brand works best for your home, lifestyle and budget. 

Thor Kitchen Gas Range LRG3601U Review

The Thor Kitchen Gas Range LRG3601U is one of the brand’s most popular models. Some of the incredible features you can expect from a Thor Kitchen gas range include:

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Spacious oven capacity

When cooking for a crowd, whether weeknight dinners for a large family or holiday get-togethers, you need ample oven space to whip up a feast. Thor Kitchen has explicitly designed the Thor Kitchen Gas Range LRG3601U to maximize oven capacity. The oven has a generous 6 ft³ oven capacity, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously and providing ample space for even airflow for perfectly cooked roasts. Despite being almost three times the price of a Thor Kitchen range, both Viking and Wolf ranges offer smaller oven capacities. 

The 3-layer glass door window provides increased visibility so you can check your meals without opening the oven door. The insulated layers also help reduce ambient heat loss and minimize internal temperature fluctuations. This is critical for bakers, as hot and cold spots can cause cakes and pastries to sink and cookies to burn. 

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Easy maintenance

Oven cleaning is a pain point for many homeowners. While some ovens come with a self-cleaning function, such as the Thor Kitchen 30" Professional Self-Cleaning Wall Oven, which uses steam to lift grease and debris, the Thor Kitchen Gas Range LRG3601U comes with additional features that allow for easy maintenance. The oven interior is porcelain coated, which creates a non-stick surface that repels grease and debris. This allows you to easily wipe down the interior without scrubbing. It also comes with a removable porcelain drip tray to catch spills. 

Burner power

Thor gas ranges are equipped with high-powered burners that reach 18,000 BTUs, transforming the average cook into a professional chef. This impressive power output dwarfs similar models from other brands; the Wolf 36" Gas Range burner only reaches up to 15,000 BTUs. The burners’ intense power output heats pots and pans quickly to cut down on cooking times and effectively retain the heat for optimal temperature control. 

Burner versatility

Burner versatility

While power is a crucial component of a luxury range, you also need burners that can cook meals low and slow or which keep meals warm when prepared in advance. The Thor Kitchen Gas Range LRG3601U has a Simmer Setting that rivals the top appliance brands. The burners come with a dual ring design; an inner and outer burner work independently, offering two cook functions for each burner. The inner burner can reduce the power output to 650 BTUs, perfect for a slow simmer.

Globally sourced luxury materials

The complexity of high-end kitchen appliances makes them challenging to manufacture entirely in the U.S. Thor Kitchen gas ranges use premium components sourced from around the globe to create a top-of-the-line range at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Some of the materials include:

  • Italian burners: Each of Thor’s cast-iron grate burners features its own ignition, rather than the conventional multi-point model, which uses a single ignitor. This helps to extend the burner system’s lifespan by reducing wear and tear on parts.
  • Spanish burner valves: Burner valves offer precise control of burner flames, so you can make a minuscule adjustment to flame height and intensity to achieve the perfect cooking temperatures. 
  • American-made hot surface ignitor: The Thor Kitchen gas range’s broil function features a hot surface ignition system that generates intense radiant heat, which sears food and seals in juices for perfectly juicy meats, fish and poultry.
  • American-made thermostat: The mechanical thermostat control crafted in the U.S has a temperature sensing function, helping you maintain even cooking temperatures. 

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Warranty coverage

Thor Kitchen believes in the quality and performance of their gas ranges. They provide a 2-year full warranty on all gas ranges, covering both parts and labor.

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Thor Kitchen ranges are among some of the best gas-powered ranges on the market, offering high-capacity ovens, turbo-charged burners and versatile cooking functions to elevate your experience in the kitchen. You can get all the incredible features of a Thor Kitchen gas range at an affordable price point. 

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