Who Makes Thor Appliances? (Know Your Brand Featuring Thor Kitchen)

by Pete Lader September 21, 2021

What company makes Thor Kitchen appliances?

Thankfully, this is a straightforward and frequently asked question. Thor appliances are designed, created and manufactured by Thor Kitchen, an American company. Thor was founded in and continue to have their headquarters in Southern California. 

Unlike other massive appliance conglomerates, Thor Kitchen is a private company and can focus all their attention and resources on designing and producing professional appliances for the everyday American household. As a medium-size business, their customer service team can promptly address questions without a long hold time. Backed by an iron-clad full 2 year warranty on all indoor kitchen appliances, Thor Kitchen is one of our favorite appliance brands!

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  • Your appliances look awesome! I am very interested in the package number AP-LRG3001U-3, but it’s noted this package is out of stock and to contact you for an ETA. Thank you

    Karen Bryson on

  • Hi, im doing a full kitchen remodel, looking for the whole package of solid appliances, long warranty, I am in PA, what is the deliver range? thank you

    Ava Bryan on

  • Hi, im doing a full kitchen remodel, looking for the whole package of solid appliances, long warranty, I am in PA, what is the deliver range? thank you

    Ava Bryan on

  • Building a new house. Large kitchen – 48 inch professional range/hood, dishwasher, refrigerator, ice machine, wine cooler, washer drier etc.
    Where can i see Thor equipment? I am in central Florida

    Pat Cain on

  • I am the facilities director for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Ocala, Florida. We are just finishing construction on a new CSI/Forensics facility which will have an employee kitchen/break area. I ma searching for a 36" electric convection range that can slide in to our space. The space is well designed and I came across several ranges that seem like options. My inquiry is this. We are seeking a unit with at least a 2-year warranty that can be shipped to our location in the next few weeks. Please contact me at (352) 843-1426 or via my email with recommendation. Thanks, David Palmer

    Director David Palmer on

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