Where are Thor Appliances Made?

by Pete Lader September 21, 2021

Customers have been longing for a brand like Thor Kitchen - an opportunity to own a professional style oven at a price level that won't break the bank. But where are Thor Appliances made? Where are Thor Ranges manufactured? Let's dive in!

Where are Thor Kitchen Appliances manufactured?

First, let's start with where Thor Kitchen was founded and is headquartered. The management and operations team is located in California. That means all the research, design, customer service, shipping goes through the California office.

Thor Kitchen appliances are assembled and made in Asia using premium and reliable materials to ensure the highest quality and to offer a professional luxury aesthetic and performance. Thor Kitchen maintains ownership and supervision through the entire process - from designing the appliance, to owning and providing quality control over the manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

Even better, critical parts of Thor appliances are sourced from around the world:

  • Safety Valves from all the way from Spain
  • Thermostats are sourced from local American Manufacturers
  • Dual Ring Top Burners come from Germany
  • Single Ring Sealed Burners are made and sourced in Italy
  • Thor Appliances are shipped from California, US

Safety and performance features are strategically sourced from Europe and locally. European-manufactured burners are known for their unbeatable performance and reliability, with Italy and Germany being the clear leader. In order to keep you and your family safe, the safest igniter valves are shipped from Spain. 

Just remember, most of the items you use on a daily basis are also manufactured in Asia - your iPhone, laptop and washer/dryer are manufactured overseas and sent to the US. 

In the market for a liquid propane oven or range top? The Thor technicians in the California warehouse will personally convert this to liquid propane before the range arrives at your home. In the market for a full kitchen set? We have packaged together the top Thor Kitchen Bundles for our customers.

Thor Kitchen, an American Appliance Brand

At the heart of each Thor appliance is the Thor Kitchen management team, who are located in California. This is where they design, research, test and ship all appliances to ensure you have the highest quality kitchen appliances in your dream kitchen!

Now that you know more about Thor Kitchen, here are some of their most popular items:

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment, call or email us!


  • I am interested in purchasing a dual drawer refrigerator, 5.0 cu ft., for our new renovation home.
    Possible to learn if you ship to Hawaii, 96734.
    Thank you! Eager to hear your response!

    Maria Felix-Neal on

  • I am so anxious to purchase a new THOR ELECTRIC OVEN. We love the beautiful design.

    Susan Midler on

  • Where can I see Thor appliances and who repairs them?

    Shari Oster on

  • Hi
    We’re building our home and want Thor appliances for our home.
    Where can we actually see them in person before purchasing the Thor package? Zip Code 33037

    Yolanda morejon-marin on

  • Where can a person actually look at a Thor appliance? Zip code 37128

    Debbie on

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