Thor Kitchen Gas Range Reviews (Know Your Brand Featuring Thor Kitchen)

by Pete Lader September 28, 2021

A honest review of the Thor Kitchen Gas Ranges.
Thor Kitchen has steadily increased popularity in kitchen appliances throughout the last few years. As a retailer of kitchen appliances, we've seen tremendous support and fanfare over Thor Kitchen's Gas Ranges so we have decided to dive into what makes these ranges so special!

Thor Kitchen has made it their mission statement to provide the highest quality kitchen appliances that is affordable to the everyday American consumer. 

For a reference point, we'll be using the Thor Kitchen Gas Range LRG3601U below to highlight some of the product features. It is important to understand that each Thor Kitchen gas range will share similar features as the 36 Inch LRG3601U.

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High-Powered Burners

Each Thor Gas Range is equipped with high powered burners that can make any average cook turn professional. The burners go up to 18,000 BTUs - for comparison sake, the Wolf 36 Inch Gas Range goes up to 15,000 BTUs. The burners will provide fast, intense heat for cooking your family meals and Michelin star events. 

Burner Versatility

Power is great... but how about if you need to simmer your food to keep it warm? Thor Kitchen Gas Ranges also have Simmer Setting that rivals the top appliance brands. The burners have dual rings, meaning there is an inner and outer burner that can distribute the heat to cook. These inner burners have the capability of providing the simmer function to right about 650 BTUs.

Large Oven Capacity

Cooking a turkey, lasagna or cookies? Customer want... no they NEED a large oven. Thor Kitchen has purposefully designed the ovens to maximize both quality and quantity. Here's a comparison of the Oven Sizes relative to Thor's peers:

Thor Oven Capacity Comparison

Despite being 2-3 times the cost of Thor Kitchen, both Wolf and Viking have smaller oven capacities than Thor. Only Wolf's 48 Inch model is slightly larger than Thor's 48 Inch mode.

Globally Sourced High-End Materials

Kitchen appliances are complex. Sourcing from one area or country won't cut it. Thor has travelled the world to find the most important, complex part of a range and identified key suppliers to work with. Here's a few of them!

  • ITALIAN SOURCED BURNERS: Each of Thor's burners features its own ignition, instead of the traditional multi-point model of using one ignitor for all burners. This offers a quieter cooking experience while also extending the lifetime of the burner system.
  • SPAIN SOURCED BURNER VALVE: Providing precise control on top burner flames to provide a professional cooking experience for your Thor Kitchen Cooking.
  • US SOURCED THERMOSTAT: Mechanical Thermostat Control offering everlasting temperature sensing function and maintaining the cooking temperature you desired.
  • US SOURCED HOT SURFACE IGNITOR: Supporting your Thor Kitchen Gas Range bake/broil function with enduring hot surface ignition system, providing high-performance radiating heat to sear your food and seal in the juices so you can enjoy the juiciest meats, poultry and fish.


Pictures sometimes mean 1,000 words.... or $1,000? While Wolf and Viking certainly have more years of experience manufacturing ranges, it's hard to justify the paying 3 or 4 times the price of a similar functioning kitchen appliance. Better yet, take a look at the best selling Thor Appliance Packages where you can save more by buying a kitchen bundle. 

Thor Kitchen Gas Range Price Comparison

Warranty Coverage

While Thor's Gas Ranges are elite in terms of performance and durability, customers are understandably concerned about the warranty coverage. As Thor stands behind their product, there is a 2 Year Full warranty on the Gas Ranges. Coverage includes both parts and labor - so you can cook stress free on your Thor Range!


Thor Kitchen 30" Gas Range Thor Kitchen 36" Gas Range Thor Kitchen 48" Gas Range Thor Kitchen 36" Range Appliance Package Thor Kitchen 48" Range Appliance Package

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Thor Kitchen has among the highest customer satisfaction ratings from the appliances we sell. Combine that with the high-functioning burners, large capacity and efficient price point, we highly recommend the Thor Gas Ranges. 

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  • Would like to see your product. I live in central Florida. Where is your nearest dealer with a 48in range on display. Also what grade is the stainless steel you use?

    Pat Cain on

  • I love my Thor 36 inch range! When the stove is in use, the knobs light up preventing you from forgetting a burner. The oven is spacious, the shelves slide in and out easily, and cooks evenly several dishes at one time. I would buy this stove again.

    marilyn hobson on

  • I love my Thor 36 inch range! When the stove is in use, the knobs light up preventing you from forgetting a burner. The oven is spacious, the shelves slide in and out easily, and cooks evenly several dishes at one time. I would buy this stove again.

    marilyn hobson on

  • How much does the 36” model weigh?

    Kam on

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