How to Install a ZLINE Range Door?

by Pete Lader October 25, 2021

Looking to swap or install your ZLINE Range Door? We'll give you the only instructions you'll need on installing the ZLINE Range Door. 

One of the many benefits of purchasing a ZLINE range is the ability to swap and change the door for any color that ZLINE offers. Feeling festive? You can choose the ZLINE Red Matte or Red Gloss Door. Have you just purchased a black refrigerator? Choose the ZLINE Black Matte Door!

Now let's review why you are here, you have two sets of doors and want to install one. 

What you'll need:

  • 2 Pins
  • 2 People
  • 2 ZLINE Range Doors
  • Drill or Power Drill


  1. Make sure you have all the necessary tools (above) and empty space around the oven. Also, ensure the oven hasn't been on for at least an hour.
  2. Open the oven door and slide the pins into the slots of the two hinges. These pins are not included.
  3. With the pins in the hinge, slowly and carefully lift the door out of the range. You might need to rock it a few times and make sure you aren't using extreme brute force to rip it off. If you are, you are doing it wrong and might break it.
  4. Once the door is off, uninstall the screws in the kick plate. There are two at the top and two at the bottom. To unscrew the screws on the bottom, you'll need your helper to carefully tilt the range to have space to unscrew them.
  5. Slide out the kick plate once the four screws are removed.
  6. Place the new or desired kick plate on to the oven and screw the four screws in. To screw the bottom ones in, you'll need your trusted helper to tilt the range.
  7. Hook the new range door onto the oven. Ensure the door is secure and remove the pins.

You are now ready to use your ZLINE oven again!

Along with these instructions, you can use this video below from ZLINE for a visual story telling!


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