Where are ZLINE appliances made?

by Pete Lader September 15, 2021

Where are ZLINE appliances and ranges manufactured and made?
ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a 100% Proudly American owned luxury appliance company. To provide customers with exceptional quality appliances, parts and premium materials are sourced from the United States, Italy, and Germany. The materials are specially assembled in ZLINE owned facilities located within Asia.

Everything from planning and designing the product, shipping the product to customers, and customer service are all located in USA.

Where are the ZLINE offices? 
ZLINE has offices strategically located in the US. The headquarters are located in Reno, Nevada and there are two other locations in Tennessee and Ohio.

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath Locations

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  • I live in NC and I wanted to know were is the closest showroom so we could view your product. We are looking for a 40"wide stove either all electric or dual fuel. Thank you

    John Miller on

  • do you have a showroom close to me here in Benton KY 42044

    james wells on

  • Where can we see this brand??

    Clyde McGhee on

  • Are the prices on your website in US dollars


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