Thor Electric Ranges

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Browse the full Thor Kitchen Electric Ranges at Premium Home Source today. Shop the very best electric ranges and appliance bundles from Thor Kitchen - all for an affordable price. 

How to choose your Thor Kitchen Electric Range?

Choose your size (inches): 24", 30", 36"

Choose your mix of kitchen appliances: electric range, range hood, microwave drawer, cooktop, wall oven, dishwasher, refrigerators, wine coolers. 

Why buy a Thor Kitchen Electric Range Appliance Package?

  1. It's Cheaper. Yes, you heard us correctly. When you buy in bulk, you receive better pricing.
  2. True Convection Fan. Each range is equipped a true convection fan. This  heating element allows for even heating and optimum cooking and baking results.
  3. Buy with Confidence. When you shop Thor Kitchen, you get professional and premium kitchen appliances with an iron-clad warranty on each and every appliance. Buy. With. Confidence!

Why pay more at big box retailers on big name brands? Receive the same quality for a fraction of the price.

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