Who Makes Forno Appliances?

by Pete Lader May 18, 2022

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Forno is an appliance brand that manufactures Italian-inspired equipment. Starting out as a popular provider of European-style appliances for the Chinese marketplace, Forno has experienced exponential growth. The company’s reputation has taken it to the North American market. Today, it is a flourishing business, increasing in popularity throughout Canada and the United States. Although Forno’s North American headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, you may wonder who makes Forno appliances

Forno manufactures all its appliances in China, using European design processes and fabrication methods to create durable commercial-grade equipment that meets North American quality standards. Despite its overseas manufacturing location, Forno’s customer care team and service center are in Montreal, ensuring repairs and replacements for the North American market can be handled quickly and efficiently. 

The Forno Appliance Advantage

Forno appliances have been in production since 1996. The brand’s longevity and growth demonstrate the reliability and value that its products offer. Forno manufactures a broad range of household appliances, including ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators and other kitchen accessories like wine coolers.

Forno has developed a reputation for providing high-quality appliances at a fraction of the price of most household brands. Since the company’s inception, the main focus has been to provide reliable, durable and value-driven products to its customers through premium parts and the latest manufacturing processes. 

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Forno appliance warranties

As an appliance manufacturer, Forno stands by its quality, offering a 2-year in-house warranty on all products. This limited agreement includes 1-year parts and labor warranty and a 1-year parts-only warranty (year 2). You can also purchase an extended warranty on Forno appliances, providing you with further peace of mind regarding product repairs, replacements and customer care. The Forno extended warranty includes:

  • Direct customer support
  • Guaranteed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Service coverage spanning the entirety of North America
  • In-home repair services

Forno Signature Appliances

Forno Signature Appliances

Premium Home Source is an authorized dealer for many trusted brands, including Forno. We stock various quality products, whether you need a range hood or an entire Forno appliance package. Some of the signature appliances we carry include: 

Forno ovens

We stock dual fuel and gas-powered ranges. Dual source ranges offer you highly responsive temperature control of an electric oven and fast-acting heat of gas burners. However, if efficiency is your priority, Forno gas ovens may be more economical. Forno ranges are available in various colors, including red, blue, white and black. Forno’s signature finish is a classic-style all stainless steel appliance that provides a contemporary or industrial aesthetic and is easy to clean. 

Our most popular freestanding oven is the 30" Lseo 5-burner due to its professional features and high-quality build. The cast-iron grates can withstand the weight of large pots. The sealed burners keep spills contained and allow for easy cleaning. Although this product is manufactured in China, the cETL certification ensures it complies with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. 

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Forno dishwashers

Forno produces UL and CSA-approved, NSF certified, energy-efficient dishwashers. The latest range is built with convenient technological features like touchscreen controls and LED displays. The 24" Alta Qualita Pro-style Forno is our most popular dishwasher. It is an Energy Star rated product with low annual energy consumption (249 KWh per year). The touch control panel allows you to choose from six washing programs. It offers double drying through heat and a fan. The signature stainless steel front provides a classy finish. 

Forno refrigerators

Forno refrigerators

We also stock a wide range of Forno refrigerators across a variety of price points, ensuring you can find an appliance that meets your budget. Our most popular options take inspiration from the European-style french door fridges, providing ample space for your food. Another best seller is our Forno 60" Pro-style combo fridge. The extensive temperature range allows you to convert the refrigerator into a functional freezer. With built-in no-frost technology, this fridge is easy to maintain. The high temperature and door-open alarms help you maintain a safe internal temperature for all food items. 

Other Forno appliances

Premium Home Source supplies a wide range of additional Forno appliances, ensuring you can complete a full kitchen overhaul at a reasonable price. Other popular Forno products in our inventory include range hoods, microwaves and wine coolers. We are authorized dealers of a number of premium appliance brands, including Thor Kitchen, Blaze Grills and Kucht Official. Customers also frequently ask who makes Thor appliances, Blaze Grills and Kucht Official products, so they know their purchase is genuine and not refurbished. 

When purchasing a new appliance, always look for the manufacturer’s ID sticker. It should include the serial and model numbers, enabling you to check for recalls. Without this sticker, your warranty may be void. For example, Thor components are manufactured worldwide, but its products are assembled in Asia. Similarly, Kucht Official sources products from around the globe but is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey. Blaze Grill appliances are manufactured in China. Each new appliance will have an ID sticker regardless of where it was manufactured.  

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High-quality appliances are critical for a fully functional kitchen. Premium Home Source stocks select-grade products from exceptional manufacturers, from Forno to Zline. We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing and excellent customer service. 

With over 75 years of combined industry experience, we can advise and guide you through your entire purchasing process. Contact us today for more information about our products, military offers and business and financing programs.


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