A Buyer’s Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Packages

by Pete Lader May 24, 2022

One of the best ways to enjoy the warm summer days with friends and family is to use an outdoor kitchen. Whether you prefer the classic barbecue, enjoy cooking on the grill or love to use the outdoor pizza oven, outdoor kitchen packages are ideal appliances to prepare food and entertain your guests in your backyard. If you’re looking to augment your house’s cooking equipment with an outdoor kitchen, explore our guide to the best product packages currently available on the market.

Blaze Professional 44 in. Propane Gas Grill 3-Piece Package

1. Blaze Professional 44 in. Propane Gas Grill 3-Piece Package

This versatile outdoor appliance package includes a 44 in. commercial-grade Blaze Professional built-in grill, a dedicated grill cover and a 40 in. double access door.

Grill specifications

This industry-leading Blaze Outdoor Professional Grill is similar to the grill model offered in the Natural Gas Grill & Burner Package but uses propane gas instead of natural gas as its power source. All other specifications are the same; 1,050 square inches of cooking surface, four burners, each capable of producing up to 18,000 BTU (for a combined total of 72,000 BTU) plus a 10,000 BTU infrared rotisserie kit.

Each burner is a commercial kitchen-style H-pattern model built from 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing long-term durability even at maximum heat. The grill comes complete with stainless steel heat zone separators and 12mm hexagon cooking rods, making it easy to cook multiple meals at different heat and temperature levels. The flame-stabilizing cooking grid minimizes unwanted flare-ups and flame projections without blocking out the unmistakable flavor unique to outdoor grill cooking.

Grill cover

This package comes with an exclusive, dedicated grill cover for your Blaze Outdoor built-in grill, keeping it shielded from the elements on rainy days or when out of season. This version of the Blaze grill cover is the 4PROBICV, designed to fit the exact dimensions of your Blaze 4-burner Professional Built-In Cover. This soft grill cover weighs 4 lbs. and is 100% constructed from vinyl, a naturally water-resistant material protecting your grill from wind, water and inclement weather.

Double access door

The third item in this outdoor appliance package is a Blaze Double Access Door. This item is a horizontal storage unit made of 100% 304 stainless steel, granting your outdoor kitchen the safe, weather-proof storage you need to store your supplies. Its rounded bezel design and steel handles give your outdoor kitchen or cooking island a classy, professional appearance, reminiscent of the equipment used in commercial kitchens. It also features a convenient paper towel holding bar, double-lined doors for added durability and protection from the elements and ample storage space.

Blaze Professional 34 in. 3-Burner Built-In Propane Gas Grill with Grill Cart

2. Blaze Professional 34 in. 3-Burner Built-In Propane Gas Grill with Grill Cart

Enjoy cooking outdoors but want more mobility and flexibility from your outdoor kitchen appliances? Look no further. The Blaze Professional 3-burner built-in grill with included grill cart is the solution you need.

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Grill specifications

The Blaze Outdoor Professional LUX Grill is a 3-burner, 34 in. version of the Blaze Professional 4-burner models featured in other packages. Although it is smaller, this model is lighter and easier to move, and the burners are just as powerful. Each burner features 18,000 BTU heat output capability per unit, producing a total combined cooking power of 54,000 BTU. This model features a cooking surface of 816 sq.in., or the equivalent of 20 to 25 burgers.

Like the 4-burner version, this grill also comes with a rotisserie kit powered with a waterproof motor and developing up to 10,000 BTU of infrared heat, ideal for preparing chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and much more.

Grill cart

The Blaze Professional 34 in. Grill Cart is an all-steel mobile cart designed explicitly for housing your Blaze 3-burner 34 in. grill. It is compatible with both the natural gas and propane gas versions of the 3-burner Blaze Professional 34 in. Grill, due to their identical dimensions.

This grill cart features a 100% stainless steel construction with two heavy-duty side shelves for your gear and cooking implements, two high-capacity tool and supply drawers, a service door and four industrial-grade casters. The door and drawers feature stylish rounded steel handles, and the side shelves are foldable. The heavy-duty casters allow you to move your grill setup and reposition it whenever and wherever you need. It’s the ideal solution for cooking and grilling enthusiasts who prefer to work in fluid or frequently reconfigured workspaces.

Blaze Outdoor Package Prelude LBM 32 in. Grill, Side Burner, Refrigerator & Access Door

3. Blaze Outdoor Package Prelude LBM 32 in. Grill, Side Burner, Refrigerator & Access Door 

If you need the ultimate outdoor cooking and grilling package, the Blaze Outdoor Prelude LBM has every appliance you need to turn your backyard or outdoor area into the ideal lunchtime spot.

This professional-grade outdoor kitchen package by Blaze Outdoor Products includes four premium-quality items: 

  • Blaze 32 in. 4-burner Prelude LBM grill
  • Blaze 32 in. double access door
  • Blaze Premium LTE double side burner
  • 20 in. compact refrigerator.

Grill specifications

The Blaze grill included in this package is the natural gas version of the Blaze Prelude LBM, a professional-quality 32-inch, 4-burner unit. It is one of the best outdoor grills for cooking enthusiasts of all skill levels. 

The Prelude LBM features a 100% stainless steel construction and four commercial-grade 304 stainless steel burners, granting it unmatched durability. The Prelude LBM is built with long-lasting reliability in mind, letting you prepare burgers, ribs, sirloin, grilled corn-on-the-cob and anything else you wish all day long if needed.

Each of the four burners can produce up to 14,000 BTU (British Thermal Units), giving this cooktop a total heat output of 56,000 BTU. They provide you with plenty of heat while also granting you more than enough space to serve the entire family, thanks to 740 sq.in. cooking space. Additional convenient features include a fast-starting push-and-turn ignition system, heat zone separators to keep different foods cooking at different temperatures and flame stabilizer grids, preventing flare-ups and other unintentional bursts of flame from falling oil, fat or grease hitting your coals.

Double side burner specifications

No professional-grade outdoor kitchen kit is complete without a reliable side burner. This Blaze Premium LTE Double Side Burner uses the same natural gas power source as the grill, giving you an additional cooking surface for preparing sauces, surf-and-turf or other foods that don’t require you to keep the lid down.

The Blaze Premium LTE Double Side Burner is a hand-assembled, 100% stainless steel appliance with the durability and weather resistance you expect from a premium-grade outdoor cooking kitchen tool. It features a pair of heavy-duty 12,000 BTU brass burners, giving you an additional 24,000 BTU of cooking capability and making it an excellent companion to your Blaze Prelude LBM grill.

Other accessories

This Blaze Outdoor Package also includes a 32 in. double-access door and a 20 in. compact refrigerator. These accessories employ the same high-durability 304 stainless steel construction as the included grill and side burner. The Blaze 32 in. double access door provides your kitchen appliance package with a convenient, horizontally oriented stainproof storage solution for all of your grilling and outdoor cooking supplies. The doors feature double-lining for additional protection and come complete with stainless steel curved handles. Open the doors to find plenty of internal storage space (28.75" cutout width, 18.25" cutout height) and a convenient integrated paper towel holder.

The Blaze 20 in. compact refrigerator is the perfect final touch for your outdoor package, featuring 4.4 cubic feet of internal capacity, three storage shelves and an interior white LED light. This compact fridge is ideal for storing and keeping your drinks chilled, even on the hottest summer days. You can use the included thermostat dial to adjust the internal temperature between 32°F and 50°F and control how cool your beverages are at all times.

Blaze Professional 44 in. Natural Gas Grill & Burner Package

4. Blaze Professional 44 in. Natural Gas Grill & Burner Package

If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen packages that fit in a compact space, this two-piece package includes the essentials: a Blaze 4-burner built-in natural gas grill and a single 16 in. high-powered side burner. This kit lets you save space without compromising on build quality or cooking power.

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Grill specifications

Although the overall package is relatively compact, this Blaze Professional 44 in. 4-burner grill is one of the most powerful outdoor grills you can buy, featuring 18,000 BTU per burner for a combined total heat capability of 72,000 BTU. This model includes a generous 1,050 sq. in. cooking surface, or enough for approximately 25 to 30 burgers, depending on their size.

This Blaze grill is engineered for maximum durability, with 304 stainless steel construction and heavy 12mm stainless steel hexagon-shaped cooking rod. Whether you enjoy casual grilling on summer weekends or are a hardcore outdoor cooking enthusiast, this Blaze grill will not let you down. You can continue using the grill even as the sun sets, thanks to its LED illuminated control knobs and interior lights, allowing you to continue grilling and serving guests well into the evening. Also included with this model is an infrared rotisserie kit, complete with a detachable warming rack, a waterproof motor and up to 10,000 BTU of heating power.

Side burner specifications

The included Blaze Outdoor side burner is exclusive to this package. This single burner features a 304 stainless steel construction with twin burner rings and a steel cooking grid. The outer ring can develop up to 35,000 BTU of heat, and the inner ring can produce up to 25,000 BTU. You can use either ring to prepare different meals. The inner ring is excellent for preparing sauces, whereas the outer ring makes for an excellent heat source for a pan, a skillet or a small wok. If needed, you can also combine the cooking power of both burner rings and unleash up to 60,000 BTU of cooking power, ideal for deep-frying or boiling.

Blaze Professional 34 in. Propane Gas Grill & Burner Package

5. Blaze Professional 34 in. Propane Gas Grill & Burner Package

If your outdoor cooking and grilling space is centered around a countertop configuration, you’ll want a compact, practical appliance package that fits in easily. The Blaze Professional 34 in. Propane Gas Grill & Burner Package is the best choice for this type of outdoor kitchen.

Grill specifications

The included grill is a 34 in. version of the 3-burner Blaze Built-In Grill. This version is the propane gas-powered version, featuring a best-in-class lifetime warranty, three H-style heavy-duty burners, a built-in infrared rotisserie burner and high-durability stainless steel construction.

Each burner produces up to 18,000 BTU of heat, lending your cooking surface a maximum heat output of 54,000 BTU. The substantial cooking surface is enough for 20 to 25 burgers and features high-strength heat zone separators and 12mm stainless steel hexagonal grating for more surface contact with your steaks, leaving near-perfect sear lines.

The rotisserie burner develops up to 10,000 BTU of infrared heat output, expanding your options and increasing this grill package’s versatility. Whether you’re preparing burgers, bratwurst, legs of lamb or a chicken, this package provides everything you need to cook them to perfection.

Side burner specifications

The Blaze Professional Built-in Power Burner completes your appliance package with an independently controlled twin-ring burner system. The side burner is constructed from 304 stainless steel, making it as durable and versatile as your primary grill unit, allowing you to use either ring or both at once to cook even more dishes.

The outer ring can produce up to 35,000 BTU and is ideal for small pots, pans and skillets, whereas the 25,000 BTU inner ring provides you with the right amount of heat for saucepans and similarly sized cookware. Turn both of them on simultaneously to benefit from a combined 60,000 BTU output, suitable for frying or boiling applications.

This side burner is powerful enough to boil a full-sized pot of water in half the time it takes for competing models in the same category. The integrated stainless steel wind guards protect your flames from the wind, allowing you to cook confidently even when the breeze picks up.

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