Is Parrot Uncle a Good Brand?

by Pete Lader March 10, 2023

Is Parrot Uncle a Good Brand?

Parrot Uncle has been manufacturing ceiling fans and lighting since 2013. With increasing emphasis on energy efficient HVAC solutions, Parrot Uncle has made a name for itself of producing long-lasting, energy efficient and design-friendly ceiling fans for all of their 'fans'. In short, we rate Parrot Uncle at the top of the rating scale and are big fans of these ceiling fans!

Now let's discuss the reasons.....

Motor Functionality

What good is a fan if it doesn't circulate air efficiently? A DC powered fan often gets compared with an AC powered fan. The biggest advantages to a DC fan is the energy efficiency, higher powered than the AC fan and offers more speeds. As you may be able to tell, the DC fan is the higher grade motor versus the AC with higher motor speeds and more options for fan speeds. Adding cherry to the top, DC powered fans prove to be quieter than AC fans...!


Designed to combine beauty and utility all at once, the ceiling fans are expertly crafted with high quality materials for both durability and lightweight. From a rustic saddlebrown fan, contemporary fan with 5 reversible plywood blades to the traditional fan with crystal and matte black, the design and craftmanship will leave your jaw on the floor... for years to come!


Ceiling fans last on average seven to ten years due to the replacement cycle of the motors or simply, you want a different look in your living or dining room. At Premium Home Source, we are now starting to see the original Parrot Uncle customers look for replacement. Between the DC motor, selection of trusted suppliers of the blades, the first-class after-sales support of both Parrot Uncle and Premium Home Source, you can buy worry-free. 

Innovative Design and Selection

Parrot Uncle offers innovative designs with distinct styles: Modern, Rustic, Traditional, Farmhouse, Industrial and Formal. No matter what room you are looking to outfit, Parrot Uncle has a ceiling fan for you.

Colors include: Gray, Black, Brown, White, Bronze and Nickel. The fans are made from metal, wood or glass to complement any room décor. 

The 24.5" Rustic Ceiling fan in Saddlebrown pictured below.

Let's find you the perfect ceiling fan for your home!

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