How much are Big Ass Fans?

by Pete Lader March 28, 2023

How much do Big Ass Fans cost?

Big Ass Fans don't always have a Big Ass Price! Depending on what line you are looking for (Industrial, Commercial or Residential), the fans can cost from as low as $750 to a few thousand dollars.

Residential Fans - prices from as low as $750 to $3,000. These fans are used for residential purposes, indoor or covered outdoors. The high-end models will come with LED lighting and a width of 84" - which may not be suitable for everyone's needs. There are two lines from Big Ass Fans targeting the residential line, the Haiku L Series (budget-friendly) and Haiku Series.

Haiku L Series

Commercial Fans - prices from $2,000 to $4,000. These fans are usually used in restaurants, bars, gyms or a similar setting. In the market for a commercial fan? Shop the Big Ass Fans i6 Series.

Industrial Fans - prices from $1,000 to $5,000. These fans are used for large areas such as a warehouse.

When shopping for commercial or industrial products, buying in bulk (and being a repeat purchaser) has a large impact on the price you pay! If you are looking for a residential fan, look for a trusted dealer in-stores or online. 

Why is there an elevated price for Big Ass Fans?

With higher-end categories, you are usually paying for the brand name, functionality, quality and the aesthetic. Let's apply these main factors to Big Ass Fans

Manufacturing ExperienceBig Ass Fans has been around for over 20 years - specializing in fans and ceiling fans. With that level of manufacturing expertise, there are no growing pains of smaller companies, who struggle with inventory and after sales support. Most of their ceiling fans are hand-balanced multiple times in their Kentucky facilities. This means no wobbly or loud noises will come from your new Big Ass Ceiling Fan.

Functionality. Big Ass Fans possess industry leading SenseME technology (found in the Haiku Series), which senses the surrounding conditions and automatically adjusts the ceiling fan speed and direction for optimal air flow, comfort and the user's preferences. This is smart technology and A.I. all combined in one!

Quality Guaranteed. The Haiku Gen 4 Series ceiling fans carry a 5 year residential warranty on the Indoor models. Rest assured that if anything happens with your fan, you'll be taken care of by an expert technician.

Aesthetic. Along with other home goods and appliances, ceiling fans don't have to be boring or boring to look at. Big Ass Fans have created sleek, modern and versatile ceiling fans with over 10 finishes to choose from. Whether you are building your indoor or outdoor sanctuary, let Big Ass Fan Ceiling Fans be the finishing touch!

Need help choosing which Big Ass Fan to purchase? Contact us via: phone, chat or email! You might even get a seasonal discount code if you ask one of our reps!

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