MRCOOL Easy Pro vs. DIY 4th Generation | 5 Differences

by Pete Lader January 24, 2023

What are the differences between the MRCOOL Easy Pro Series and MRCOOL DIY 4th Generation Series?

Both the Easy Pro and DIY 4th Generation Series are MRCOOL's main ductless mini split series.

MRCOOL Easy Pro® Series is MRCOOL's introductory line of single-zone mini splits.

MRCOOL DIY 4th Generation Series is MRCOOL's primary Mini Split line that includes single and multi zone units that can cool and heat one to five rooms/zones. 

When comparing these two series, we'll be focusing on comparing the single-zone units of each series. This is because the Easy Pro only offers single zone units.

The key differences include the variety of BTU options, energy efficiency of each system, the condenser operating temperature and the manufacturer's warranty offered. Let's dive into each topic one by one.

Variety of BTUs

MRCOOL Easy Pro series offers 4 options: 9K, 12K, 18K and 24K

MRCOOL DIY 4th Generation series offers 4 options: 12K, 18K, 24K and 36K. An added bonus for the 4th Gen Series? They now offer a single-zone 18K unit with a Ceiling Cassette Air Handler. 

While each series overlaps on 12K, 18K and 24K, Easy Pro offers a smaller option at 9K and 4th Generation offers a larger option with it's 36K single-zone unit. 

Condenser Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming more important with the noticeable policy changes and rebates offered by the government. As energy efficiency ratings continue to improve, the downstream impact includes the qualifying metrics for energy, tax rebates and the maintenance costs to run the system. 

Overall, MRCOOL 4th Generation systems have higher performance ratings than the Easy Pro systems. We can see this by comparing the SEER ratings:

Single Zone BTU Easy Pro SEER Rating 4th Generation SEER Rating
9K 20
12K 18 22
18K 18.5 22
24K 18 20.5
36K 18

If you are looking to have the most energy efficient system, the 4th Generation is your best bet.

Condenser Operating Temperature

A big factor when choosing a mini split is what climate you live in. The condenser (outdoor unit) can function in most mild climates but when it becomes too hot or cold, this could shut down the system.

The MRCOOL 4th Generation series will be able to operate in more extreme temperatures than the Easy Pro series. Let's compare the Operating Temperature:

Single Zone BTU Easy Pro Operating Temperature 4th Generation Operating Temperature
9K Cool Mode: 5°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: 5°F - 75.2°F
12K Cool Mode: 5°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: 5°F - 75.2°F
Cool Mode: -13°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: -13°F - 75°F
18K Cool Mode: 5°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: 5°F - 75.2°F
Cool Mode: -13°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: -13°F - 75°F
24K Cool Mode: 5°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: 5°F - 75.2°F
Cool Mode: -13°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: -13°F - 75°F
36K Cool Mode: 5°F - 122°F
Heat Mode: 5°F - 75°F

Lineset Included

MRCOOL Easy Pro includes a 16' lineset and the MRCOOL 4th Generation includes a 25' lineset. Unfortunately, there's no way to swap the lineset if you buy any single zone Easy Pro or 4th Gen unit. If you do require a longer lineset, you'll have to purchase this in addition.

Manufacturer's Registered Warranty

The 4th Generation has a 5 year parts, 7 year compressor warranty and the Easy Pro registered warranty is 2 year parts and 1 year on the compressor.

Which one should you purchase?

The 4th Generation is more expensive but it comes with key added benefits of energy efficiency, wider operating temperatures and a more comprehensive warranty. If these factors aren't a top priority for your set-up, the Easy Pro is an amazing choice. Both systems qualify for the majority of tax and energy rebates and can be installed by yourself (DIY). 

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