Are ZLINE Range Hoods Good?

by Pete Lader December 13, 2022

Are ZLINE Range Hoods Good?

In the kitchen industry, there are a lot of brands that manufacture range hoods. How good are ZLINE Range Hoods and how do they stack compared to other brands? The simple answer: ZLINE Range Hoods are durable, powerful (yet quiet) and with options that can match almost any kitchen and installation. We’ve analyzed and sifted through thousands of ZLINE range hood reviews and bring to you what the top comments were. 


  • Comes in a variety of finishes, colors, sizes and installation types for any almost any kitchen
  • Customer-friendly warranty with 3 years parts and lifetime on the motor
  • Powerful motor (most range between 400 to 700CFM) with up 4 levels at a low decibal rating


  • No downdraft range hoods options available
  • Limited number of budget-conscious range hoods

Range Hood Construction & Durability

ZLINE manufactures Range Hoods in all different materials and finishes, but the majority are made with Stainless Steel. The range hoods are made from 430-grade stainless steel, which have properties that lead to durable construction, long-lasting life with corrosion-resistant properties.

Looking for fingerprint resistant range hoods? ZLINE also manufactures range hoods made with 304 Stainless Steel that are fingerprint resistant and outdoor approved. These will be more expensive and have a non-directional finish.

You can also shop copper or wooden range hoods made by ZLINE.

Range Hood Ventilation

Depending on the frequency and what you cook, you may require different CFM (or ventilation power) levels. If you cook meals that produce a lot of steam and smell, you should consider a higher powered range hood with a 700 CFM motor. ZLINE offers range hoods between 280-700 CFM - with the most common CFM level at 400. Don't know how much CFM you require? Read this Article.

Most ZLINE Range Hoods have 4 speeds so you can choose the right air flow setting depending on what you are cooking!

Range Hood Installation Options

No two kitchens are built equally and ZLINE quickly realized this. The majority of ZLINE Range hoods are equipped for ceilings between 8 and 9 feet. If the distance between the floor and ceiling is less than 8 feet, short kits are available. If the distance between the floor and ceiling goes up to 12’, extension kits are available.

ZLINE offers Wall Mount, Under Cabinet, Island, Inserts and Outdoor range hoods. Need a ductless or recirculating range hood? No problem, ZLINE offers ductless range hoods.  

Range Hood Warranty

All ZLINE Range Hoods come with a 3 Year Parts Warranty and a LIFETIME warranty on the motor. Safe to say, ZLINE stands behind their range hood.

Other important ZLINE Range Hood Features

Easy to clean. Whether you are cooking once a week or everyday, the baffle filters will need to be cleaned to ensure clean and efficient ventilation. ZLINE range hoods allow for quick and easy clean up as the baffle filters can be popped off and placed in a dishwasher.

Match your kitchen. ZLINE color options range from stainless steel, black stainless steel all the way to their Premium Autograph line with Bronze, Gold or Black Accents. The beauty of ZLINE Range Hoods? There is no ZLINE Logo on the range hoods so you can mix and match any range with a ZLINE Range Hood with complete ease!


With ZLINE’s complete offering of range hoods, we know you can a range hood to match your kitchen installation requirements and style. Combine that with their reasonable prices and long-lasting construction, the ZLINE Range Hood is the range hood for you!

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  • Got a zline hood 3 years ago when we did our kitchen remodeling. It had a light problem and they sent me new parts. Good customer support, great price, and it still works great.

    Jeffrey on

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