What Is a Kitchen Range?

by Pete Lader December 09, 2022

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A kitchen range is an appliance that combines an oven and a stovetop. It offers a variety of functions such as baking, broiling and cooking and provides a chic alternative to stovetop inserts and wall ovens. Efficient and functional kitchen ranges are one of the most important appliances in any kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Ranges

Kitchen ranges come in various types and sizes that fit different kitchen styles and cooking needs. Fuel options include gas, electric and dual fuel ranges. Depending on your kitchen style preferences, you can also choose between a slide-in or a freestanding range. 

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Gas Ranges

Gas ranges use an open flame inside the oven and on the stovetop that you can raise or lower to change temperatures. Gas stove tops are ideal for making meals requiring quick temperature changes, and gas ovens tend to preheat quicker than electric ranges. You also have the option to char food directly on the burner since it is an open flame. 

Electric Ranges

Electric ranges use electricity rather than solid fuel to generate heat. There are two general types of electric ranges: radiant and halogen. Radiant electric ranges transfer heat energy directly to the burners, while halogen ranges use a combination of radiant and conductive energy for more even heat distribution. Electric ranges also have several benefits. Typically, electric ranges use heat more efficiently than gas ranges, so they keep your kitchen cooler. The stovetop offers consistency in temperature and, since it’s a flat surface, cleaning is quick and easy.

Dual Fuel Ranges

Dual fuel ranges combine a gas stovetop’s power with an electric oven's consistency. This is an excellent option for bakers looking for the even heat that an electric oven provides but which requires a heavy-duty stovetop for their cooking needs.

Slide-In Ranges

A slide-in range is designed to slide between kitchen cabinets or other appliances. It provides a seamless design that looks like it was built into your kitchen. Slide-in ranges typically have controls on the front of the range, so you won’t have to reach over a hot pan to adjust the temperature.

Freestanding Ranges

Freestanding ranges have two finished sides so that they can be installed in between other appliances or stand on their own. Both types of ranges have benefits, so it’s up to your personal style to decide between a slide-in vs. freestanding range.

Features to Look For in a Kitchen Range

When shopping for a kitchen range, decide what features are the most important. Whether that’s easy cleaning, consistent temperatures, efficient energy use or powerful heating capabilities, you can find a kitchen range that fits all your needs. 

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Burner Number and Output

If you often use several pots and pans while cooking, you’ll need to consider how many burners you need on your stovetop. The average kitchen range has four burners of different sizes to accommodate small and large pans. Some stovetops have additional features, such as a griddle, to provide a long, flat cooking surface. You may also want to consider the BTU or British Thermal Unit of your kitchen range. These units measure the heat that’s given off by your burner. On average, a home stove has about 7000 BTUs per burner, so consider the number of burners in combination with the output. If you’re looking for a powerful stovetop, opt for a higher BTU level.

Oven Capacity

The standard oven capacity of a range oven is roughly five cubic feet, which is larger than a wall oven. Double oven ranges typically offer size combinations of two cubic feet and four cubic feet. If you have a big family or entertain guests often, but don’t require a double oven range, look for a capacity of five cubic feet or more.

Self-Cleaning Function

If easy clean-up is important to you, look for a range with a self-cleaning function. Some ovens use a self-cleaning function by heating to temperatures of up to 800°F, burning off spilt food and leaving a thin layer of ash that can be easily wiped off.

Multiple Rack Levels

A standard kitchen range features two adjustable oven racks with a minimum of three rack positions. The top position is fit for a broiler, the middle position is the default position, and the bottom rack position is for specific baking needs. A range with four to five rack positions offers the flexibility to accommodate multiple dishes simultaneously.

Control Panel

Control panels typically have multiple features that allow you to adjust temperature settings, timers and bake settings such as broiling. Most kitchen ranges have electrical control panels that feature control knobs for adjusting the temperature. Some high-tech ranges feature digital touch controls with a display screen that shows error codes or messages.

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Many kitchen ranges come with smart features that allow you to control temperature, receive alerts and adjust your temperature from a different room. You can turn your oven on and off from your phone or preheat your oven to save time while you are on your way home.

Convection Fan

A convection fan circulates air throughout the oven to reduce uneven cooking, even while multiple racks are used at once. While shopping for a kitchen range, compare this to a conventional oven, which cooks dishes differently depending on their placement in the oven.

Special Cooking Modes

Consider what special cooking modes you’ll need in your oven. This can include broiling, air frying, roasting or slow roasting. Some ranges offer cooking modes that can switch between bottom and top heat. There are also settings on some ovens that cater to specific baking needs like bread baking or pizza baking. 

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For a dual fuel range, the 36" ZLINE Professional Gas Burner Electric Oven Range features a convection fan that can be turned on and off and five different oven functions. The six gas burners provide a cooking range from 4,200 to 18,000 BTUs and are easy to clean. It offers the power of gas burners with the consistency of an electric oven. 

The heavy-duty Thor Kitchen Double Oven Natural Gas Range is a 48" range that is perfect for large families, entertaining or hosting family holidays. The double oven allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously for maximum efficiency. The powerful burners and continuous grates can heat even large cookware with ease. The Kucht Natural Gas Range has a 4" backsplash, a sleek white door and silver knobs. This range is easy to clean because of the porcelain cooking surfaces and sealed burners. The range oven includes two racks and two interior halogen lights. This smaller 30" range is perfect for small families and cooking moderately sized meals. 

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With a variety of top-quality brands like ZLINE, Thor Kitchen and Kucht, we offer a wide selection of high-quality kitchen ranges. From double ovens to dual fuel ranges, you can find the perfect kitchen range to fit your needs. Whether you need a complete kitchen appliance package or a high-quality range, shop the collection available at Premium Home Source. 


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