MRCOOL DIY 4th Generation Series

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Introducing the new generation of cooling and heating your home! MRCOOL 4th Gen Series allows you to find the perfect temperature at an affordable price... for up to 5 Rooms (or Zones)!

What are the Biggest Benefits for 4th Gen?

Versatility. 4th Gen brings two new Condensers, one with 18K BTUs and the other with 48K BTUs. This allows more combinations of Mini Splits for any household in America! Heat and Cool up to 5 Rooms with MRCOOL 4th Gen DIY Mini Splits. 4th Gen also brings two new Lineset lengths, one for 35' and one for 50'. 

Safety & Durability. The new DIYPRO Cable™, which is included in each Mini Split, provides the highest protection and durability against weather, gardening and wildlife factors!

Best In Class Warranty. Limited Life Warranty on the Compressor/Condenser, 7-Year Condenser Replacement Warranty when you register your Condenser. A standards 5-year warranty is covered on the Parts. 

Check out the MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Brochure HERE

What to look for?

  1. Outdoor Unit or Condenser or Compressor - The nucleus of a Mini Split, the Condenser powers the whole system and comes in 18K, 27K, 36K or 48K BTU
  2. Indoor Unit or Air Handler or Head - The indoor units are placed on the wall and near the ceiling. These Air handlers come in 9K, 12K, 18K 24K or 36K
  3. Linesets - 4th Gen now comes in 35' or 50' Linesets, in additional to the 16' and 25' already available

Choose a Mini Split for your home and enjoy your MRCOOL generated perfect temperature today!

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