Where is MRCOOL made?

by Pete Lader April 26, 2022

MRCOOL is designed, warehoused and processed in Hickory, Kentucky. The company, MRCOOL, has been a leader in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products since 2014. Best known for it's Do-It-Your-Self (DIY) Mini Split line, you can have the option to install the systems by yourself!

MRCOOL Mini Split and Universal Series are manufactured and made in Asia using the highest quality materials and technology to offer a safe, efficient and affordable (!) cooling and heating system. Similar to the Apple iPhone you type with or Samsung TV you watch, these units are also manufactured in Asia. However, it does not mean the product suffers from product quality, performance or reliability. MRCOOL maintains FULL ownership and supervision through the entire process - from designing the HVAC units, quality control and testing during the manufacturing process and the warehousing facilities in Kentucky. As this process is cost-efficient, it allows these systems to be sold at a budget-conscious and friendly price to you, the ultimate owner!

If you are looking for a system that is manufactured locally, MRCOOLs Signature Series are made in both the US and Mexico!

With an iron-clad warranty, budget friendly price tags and superior performance, MRCOOL is the right heating and cooling system for you!

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  • Where is the 4gen e star made

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  • Everything running good. Getting ready to use mrool app. I have two handlers in one room. Will one remote operate both.?

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