Thor vs. Kitchenaid: Pros & Cons

by Pete Lader July 01, 2022

When upgrading your kitchen, choosing a high-quality kitchen appliance brand is important. Many brands are available on the market, but a few stand out as exceptional options. Thor Kitchen and Kitchenaid have long distinguished themselves as high-quality brands for serious home chefs. They’re both excellent brands, so it can be challenging to choose between them. Each brand has highlights and drawbacks. By evaluating where each brand shines, you can select between Thor Kitchen and Kitchenaid for your kitchen. Explore the pros and cons of Thor vs. Kitchenaid appliances and decide which option is right for your kitchen.  

Thor Kitchen Appliances

Thor appliances are professional quality but made for the home. They offer heavy-duty gas and dual fuel ranges, propane, gas and electric ovens and restaurant-grade, multizone, dual freezer refrigerators for your kitchen. They also offer cabinet and drawer microwaves, dishwashers and powerful hood vents that pair with their ovens and ranges. Who makes Thor appliances? Thor is an American brand with headquarters located in southern California. The private, mid-sized company designs and manufacturers its appliances and offers a one- to two-year warranty on all of its products. 

Thor Kitchen Pros

Thor appliances are an excellent brand of kitchen appliances, with several complete Thor appliance packages for all types of kitchens. Thor appliances feature elements like restaurant-quality stainless steel and dual-zone wine coolers that help them stand out from other brands:


Thor appliances are built to the highest quality standards and bring restaurant-grade appliances into the home. Their stainless steel appliances are built to last under heavy daily use. They come with a 2-year warranty and can improve the resale value of your home by 3-7% if you include them in the sale. 


Generally, restaurant-grade appliances are expensive, often costing up to or over $10,000. Thor provides similar quality appliances at an affordable price. Depending on your selection, Thor appliance packages give you multiple high-grade appliances for between $6,000 and $13,000. For example, this 48" Thor Kitchen Package gives you a 48" propane gas range, hood, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and wine cooler for $11,304. 


Thor has a wide range of products available for your kitchen. They offer 30", 36" and 48" ranges and gas and electric convection ovens. They offer 24" drawer microwaves and 15" and 24" single and dual-zone wine coolers. You can also get wall mount and cabinet mount vent hoods with 1,200 CFM of power to ensure your kitchen has proper ventilation. 


Thor appliances bring the cooking power of a professional kitchen into your home. Their appliances offer unparalleled versatility and usability. They offer single and dual oven ranges with multiple Italian-made burner cooktops that put out up to 93,000 BTU. Their fridges have up to four compartments with independent temperature control, allowing home chefs to safely store and defrost meat and vegetables for perfect freshness. 

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Thor Kitchen Cons

Thor appliances are excellent for most kitchens, and many home chefs love the versatility of six powerful burners and two ovens. However, Thor products come with a few drawbacks: 


Thor Appliances are built to professional quality standards and tend to be on the larger side for appliances. Their smallest range is 30", which may be too large for smaller kitchens. 


Thor appliances are only available in stainless steel, which may not suit every kitchen’s design or color palette. While stainless steel appliances have been shown to increase home resale value, they are not to everyone’s taste. 

Range Of Appliances

While they do have a wide selection of available products, Thor does not offer warming drawers and larger appliances like 60” ranges or 48” fridges are not available.

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Kitchenaid Appliances

Kitchenaid is an excellent brand of kitchen appliances. The Kitchenaid brand has been in American kitchens since the early 20th century, with its famous stand mixer in homes since 1922.  Kitchenaid is renowned for its quality and durability in the everyday kitchen. Kitchenaid offers a wide range of appliances, from famous stand mixers to ovens, microwaves, fridges and dishwashers. 

a thor kitchen refrigerator in a kitchen

Kitchenaid Pros

Kitchenaid offers different lines of kitchen appliances at varying price points, and they all have the famous Kitchenaid quality. Their Premium line and Smart+ options stand out as some of the best appliances on the market today. 

Legendary quality

Many families have a Kitchenaid stand mixer passed down from previous generations. The latest offerings from Kitchenaid maintain that same quality and will last just as long. 

Latest technology

The Kitchenaid Smart+ line, particularly the Smart+ Oven, has a cooking stone, a grill and a steaming feature, all built in and conveniently controlled at the push of a button. Their stainless steel appliances are available with PrintSheild technology that keeps fingerprints from smudging the shiny finish. 


Kitchenaid is one of the largest kitchen appliances companies in the world. They offer a broad range of products to fit every style, every price point and every kitchen. Few brands match the full spectrum of Kitchenaid’s offerings. 

Kitchenaid Cons

Kitchenaid appliances are an excellent addition to any home. However, these appliances have a few downsides, making other brands like Thor Kitchen a better choice for some kitchens. 

Only some professional quality

Only some of Kitchenaid’s offerings are of professional quality. Some of their lines, like the Evenheat Ovens and Ranges, are geared for professionals, but most are designed for the home chef. If you are looking for strictly professional grade, another brand may be better. 

Less resale value boost

Many homeowners renovate their kitchens to improve the resale value of their homes. Purely professional brands like Thor Kitchen tend to increase the resale value more than brands like Kitchenaid. 

Choose the Brand That’s Right for Your Kitchen

Both Kitchenaid and Thor Kitchen offer high-quality appliances for your kitchen. Thor appliances work well in high-dollar kitchen spaces that require state-of-the-art appliances for the amateur home chef. Kitchenaid appliances are a tried-and-true staple for many American homes and are a favorite with bakers and cooks who make everyday foods. For the at-home chef who prefers high-quality, long-lasting appliances, Thor is likely the better option. Shop quality Thor appliances at Premium Home Source to find the items that work in your kitchen and meet your culinary needs. 

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