Is MRCOOL a Good Brand?

by Pete Lader April 18, 2022

Is MRCOOL a trusted and reliable HVAC appliance brand?

To sum up, MRCOOL designs and manufactures reliable and reputable Cooling & Heating systems. Over the past decade, MRCOOL has been innovating the HVAC Industry with their DIY AC and Heating Series. That means even an amateur can easily install a MRCOOL AC Unit!

Having one of the highest customer grades amongst the HVAC brands with a 5 Year Parts Warranty, Quality is guaranteed when you go with MRCOOL.

What is MRCOOL's goal.... it's providing comfort to your home with a touch of button. MRCOOL comes with a remote and can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Is MRCOOL a trusted HVAC brand? Let the stats speak for themselves....MRCOOL consistently ranks in the top 10 kitchen appliance brands amongst Google Rankings with hundreds of 5 Star Video Reviews such as this one that has over 500K Views!

Why buy a MRCOOL System?

This Kentucky-based Company identified a gap in the market - customers that wanted an efficient heating and cooling system that didn't cost a fortune to purchase and install. With the DIY Series, it's easily manufactured so you and I can follow the instructions to install the unit.

MRCOOL units are:

  • Easier and cheaper to install than any HVAC unit on the market
  • Quieter than most HVAC Units
  • Narrower than most Condensers/Heat Pumps
  • Equipped with wireless and smartphone technology - Control with the remote, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Some key stats!

  • $1,000-$3,000. Yes, that's how much it could cost you to pay a contractor/installer to fit out your HVAC system. MRCOOL's revolutionary DIY system allows you to save money for installation AND ongoing costs with it's energy efficient units 
  • High 20+ SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The minimum in most states is 13 which means MRCOOL Units are really energy efficient!
  • High 10 HSPF Rating for Heating. The industry standard is around 8-9.

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