Is MRCOOL a Good Brand?

by Pete Lader April 18, 2022

Is MRCOOL a trusted and reliable HVAC appliance brand?

Yes, absolutely! MRCOOL is routinely one of the best-reviewed and most popular HVAC brands on the market. Hundreds of thousands of consumers have installed a MRCOOL unit in their homes without needing to have a technician come out. Whether you’re mechanically inclined or otherwise, you’ll be able to set up your own AC unit and know that it’ll run reliably and keep you comfortable.

To sum up, MRCOOL designs and manufactures reliable and reputable Cooling & Heating systems. MRCOOL AC units and heaters are user-friendly and cost-effective. Over the past decade, MRCOOL has been innovating the HVAC Industry with their DIY Mini Split Unit Series. That means even an amateur can easily install a variable speed MRCOOL Mini Split System!

Having one of the highest customer grades among the HVAC brands with a 5-Year Parts Warranty, Quality is guaranteed when you go with MRCOOL.

MRCOOL knows that putting a new HVAC unit in your home is a big investment and not one that’s taken lightly. That’s why MRCOOL delivers high-quality products with a five-year warranty you can trust to back them. You don’t have to go to a trade school to understand how to install your MRCOOL system and invest in the comfort of your home! If you do run into any issues, MRCOOL’s customer support team is there to help.

What is MRCOOL's goal? It's providing comfort to your home with a touch of a button. MRCOOL indoor units come with a remote control and can also be programmed  with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Adjust your thermostat without getting up from your chair!

Is MRCOOL a trusted HVAC brand? Let the stats speak for themselves: MRCOOL consistently ranks in the top 10 Cooling/Heating brands among Google Rankings with hundreds of 5 Star Video Reviews such as this one that has over 500K Views!

Why Buy a MRCOOL System?

This Kentucky-based company identified a gap in the market: customers who wanted an Energy Efficient heating and cooling system that didn’t cost a fortune to purchase, install and maintain. Save time and money with a do-it-yourself system. DIY units allow homeowners to save money while feeling confident in their ability to complete the install themselves — no need for a HVAC technician. With the DIY Series, it’s easily manufactured so you can follow the instructions to install the unit.

Whether your summers are sweltering or you just want to stay comfortable in a moderate climate, there’s a MRCOOL unit that will fit your needs. With a wall-mounted system, you’ll be sure to get proper coverage throughout any room where you put a MRCOOL unit. Once you install your unit, you’ll never give your comfort a second thought. Not to mention that both your indoor and outdoor units are some of the quietest options on the market.

MRCOOL units are:

  • Easier and cheaper to install than any HVAC unit on the market — anyone can follow the MRCOOL DIY installation instructions.
  • They require NO ducting — avoid the mess, time and money that goes with ducting a central air system.
  • The outdoor condenser and indoor wall units are quieter than most HVAC units.
  • The outdoor condenser is smaller than most condensers/heat pumps.
  • Equipped with wireless and smartphone technology — control with the remote, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  • Available in different sizes for varying square feet to pump cool air through your whole house.

Some key stats!

  • $1,000-$10,000. Yes, that’s how much it could cost you to pay a contractor/installer to fit out your HVAC system. MRCOOL’s revolutionary DIY system allows you to save money for installation AND ongoing costs with its energy efficient units
  • High 20+ SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The minimum in most states is 13, which means MRCOOL units are really energy efficient!
  • High 10 HSPF Rating for Heating. The industry standard is around 8 to 9.

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  • Thank you for publishing this insightful article about MRCOOL, shedding light on its reputation as a trusted and reliable HVAC appliance brand. As a homeowner in search of dependable heating and cooling solutions, your comprehensive review has been immensely helpful in making an informed decision.

    tyrone loukas on

  • Hello we have around 900 square ft on lower level living room,dining room kitchen. What size unit do we need. Zip code 97456.

    Jason Lovewell on

  • I am on my third units from MrCool on three different buildings.
    I can only say that customer service is very good and very responsive.
    This morning I found that that one package is missing from the 9K box. Call Matthew and package is already shipped.
    Thank you Matthew.

    Eric Robin on

  • Mr cool employees and company are great people we had unit shipped and installed but shipping damage and Mr crew awesome resolving the issue thank guys your the best

    Francis Soulek on

  • I am trying to find a Mr Cool 36000 BTU with a 16 foot pre charged line set 4th Gen single air handler.

    David T Hutton on

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