Who Makes MRCOOL Air Conditioners?

by Pete Lader April 18, 2022

What company makes MRCOOL Air Conditioners?

All MRCOOL products, including Mini Splits, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Furnaces, are designed, created and manufactured by MRCOOL. Proudly an American company, MRCOOL plans, designs and ships from Kentucky, USA - where both the Headquarters and Warehouse are located.

What is MRCOOL's mission? 

Too far often, people rip their hair out finding the perfect cooling and heating system. And when they do, it may cost up to $10,000 to install and purchase. With MRCOOL, every consumer can heat or cool multiple rooms with Energy Efficient technology without the hefty price tag from legacy Appliance Brands and installation costs.

Even better, MRCOOL are the only true Do-It-Yourself HVAC systems on the market. They even patented this revolutionary technology in late 2011!

Where to go next?

Let's get you started with a few of our best Selling DIY Mini-Split Units: 

Shop MRCOOL DIY Splits Today

MRCOOL Dual Zone DIY Mini Split

Want to read more about MRCOOL's latest DIY Mini Split 4th Generation? Read our amazing recap of the whole series here:

MRCOOL 4th Generation Series

You can learn more about the MRCOOL DIY Multi-Zone in this helpful and funny video:

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  • Where can I get a compressor for a DIY-24-HP-C-230-B?

    Lance Allison on

  • I’m looking for outside unit only diy-12-c-hp-115hp

    Scott Parrillo on

  • I purchased a MRCOOL 5-zone mini split earlier this year from Premium and wanted to wait a bit to leave this comment. Install took around 4-5 hours (I had my son help me out) and this was SO much more effective than my old HVAC system. The system has reduced my energy bill AND I really needed it since the heat waves in MA was ridiculous. I’ve already told my cousin she needs to purchase these for the winter !

    Matthew Kmet on

  • I’m replacing a 2 ton Mitshibushi mini split (AC & Heat). Its been a great workhorse in this Texas heat for about 12 years but is starting to have issues.

    1) What is a good replacement in your product suite?

    2) These units are DIY, but I’m a senior citizen and I need an inexpensive installer in the 77379 Spring TX area. Home Depot sent out their price-gouging installer (ARS) but these con-artists wanted $2200 for a 2-3 hour install. That’s outrageous and unacceptable. I need some Help finding a reasonable installer.

    Ted Rush on

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